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Posted by cartoon @ 02/02/2004 05:04 PM GMT8
My love
Someone tell me about my love. but i love my mum becuse we love

Posted by niphada tangjai @ 02/02/2004 04:02 PM GMT7
   hello           ;      ;   

Posted by Julia @ 02/02/2004 03:29 PM GMT7
Introduce myself

Posted by fanchan @ 02/02/2004 03:26 PM GMT7
555 Na rak .Hello! google

Posted by May Niemnor @ 02/02/2004 03:25 PM GMT7

Posted by my love @ 02/02/2004 03:24 PM GMT7
Teaching Technology
Hello my name is Hatairat juti. My favorite web site is sanook

Posted by Phatcha @ 02/02/2004 03:21 PM GMT7
My name is Phatcharavalai
This is my first webpage. I created today so it was easy.Here are the website I like. and ww

Posted by tfl @ 12/02/2003 01:48 PM GMT7
Homework TFL H5
I have sent you your excel grades by email. If you didn't get the excel grades file you can click here TFL Excel Grades file to download the file. Don't forget to RIGHT CLICK  on the file name then SAVE TARGET AS then save to your diskette. For your homework do the following: Make a...

Posted by My life as a duck @ 11/28/2003 09:45 AM GMT7
Yesterday was Thanksgiving and  my buddies and I cooked a feast which turned out to be quite remarkable. It was a little weird because your supposed to eat Turkey on this day....  but we opted to skip the sacred bird and go for a glazed ham and roasted chickens among other...

Posted by KiKuMaTsUmOtO @ 11/20/2003 11:50 AM GMT7
wanna kick someone ass......
อยากเตะมึงมากนก.......ไหนบอกจะ มางัย......ไหนกูไม่เห็นเงาหัวเ มิงเลย......แมงกระพรุนเอ๊ย.... ...ไม่เป็นไร.....วันนี้ไม่มีอะ ไรมากหว่ะ.....กูมาสายเหมือนกัน .......เมื่อคืนนอนตี4นั่งอ่านฟ ิกกะไอ้อ้อ.......โหร้องให้กันเ ลือดสาด.......ฟิคเวรโคตรเศร้าเ ลย.....กูจะบ้าตายเครียดก่อนนอน อ่ะนะ.....ประเสิดมากๆ......... ...


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