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Posted by Out of Africa @ 02/02/2009 08:54 AM GMT3
sms recvd (at 10.30 pm) : is israel correct in attacking gaza? we are 61% against 39% in poll on cnn. please vote and help our brothers, this is the least we can do. sms sent : who are you and do you belong to any of these countries? caller : riyaz bhai? me : firstly you are...

Posted by it's all maya @ 07/22/2004 01:38 PM GMT2
Blonde (in body and spirit)
Okay, so we have this very blonde (in body and spirit) account manager. She is South African, and has a slight disdain for us "brownies" and our intellectual capabilities. But every now and then she comes up with howlers that leave us doubting HER intellectual capabilities. For instance:We were...

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