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Posted by ˤߡCߡCʤ @ 09/25/2014 12:17 AM GMT8
day 131
XX的!! 天空又壞掉了 寫了兩次的東西,又 檔失敗了 今天早上上了課 講師是St.Jude的生活治 師XD,是個有趣的職 但其實,就類似社工 樣的角色啊~ 然後 ...

Posted by ching @ 02/11/2014 08:40 AM GMT9
Ten Years
Q~FAڭ̦ѯۤQ~ܬöQC QߤSFڸA۳BA@}lN zդFoOڡAQC}N MA쩳Sˤoa~򳬵۲ ݹڡA}ߪۡCowh[ SpAOASO@nڡAi کlש񤣤UAQAAO nAڬOpwߡCĤQ~ALh FOکڵAALhFOڬFA nstWALhFOڬݩp ...

Posted by rolexwatch @ 10/12/2011 07:41 PM GMT-8
Piaget Altiplano Which Was Shown At SIHH 2011
People can see many magnificent new timepieces each year at SIHH. At the SIHH 2011, many Swiss watch manufacturers presented their new timepieces which would be released this year.rolex replica watches As one of the most famous Swiss watch manufacturers, Piaget also presented some great...

Posted by apisces @ 09/08/2009 01:55 PM GMT8
إEQK~ECȫ IQGTQ Av~ХӤAfѥɡ AȥSACQE L uıoI @l `` `` `` `` I

Posted by wertings @ 02/13/2007 10:31 PM GMT8
Change of the Live Space
Blogdrive is getting tired.. So I moved.. To livespaces.. Signing off at Blogdrive for the last time.. Will be migrating all my friends over.. W.e.r.t

Posted by Three-Eight Susan @ 04/24/2006 09:47 PM GMT8
ogOҪ@~]Ӥ[Ss WFN۶ǶKboF* * * * *...

Posted by lifeless_x_puppet @ 07/04/2005 11:45 AM GMT9
my blog has now been moved to l_ifeless_puppet's blog ^-^

Posted by Always Be My Baby @ 05/18/2005 07:05 PM GMT8
påjӤF n`N鰷d ѳåQp

Posted by qH @ 01/09/2004 06:55 PM GMT-8
sTեZĤ@@s ꤤTʤpդإKQK ~QG饻ZwXZAZ eDnնTB߽ {BιqоǤκںoi C>Ш|ЮvǷ|ϥι qllPs@ޯA ںЮvͬPоǪn Cںoi@dAث eOWaϪWHƤw}Ʀʸ ...

Posted by muddyworld @ 12/07/2003 09:26 PM GMT-8
purple haze
QѤSJIԤF ٬O@˥@Nݧ ڪcpJ?? U쳣OѨ ڬO ڵLkԨӤWwgn YOiHFIԦӦNnF ָ֧Ѳo_Ъai


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