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Posted by serpentine_roads @ 11/16/2003 02:22 PM GMT1
I haven't been writing for a while. I just feel that it is totally meaningless. Who ever take their time to read my blog? Nobody visits my blog. I might write in the future but right now it is nothing I want to do.

Posted by Muskot Nyheter @ 10/15/2003 10:45 AM GMT1
Muskot Nyheter
This is a test blog for Muskot Nyheter page.

Posted by Frozen Fire @ 10/03/2003 03:40 PM GMT2
The sadistic teacher from hell and the forest that don't let people leave day sucks.... I overslept and had to skip breakfast to get to school on time. But somehow I came fifth-teen minutes to EARLY!!! (Haven't still figured out how I made it). And then, when the Sadistic Teacher came she the dropped the bomb. We were supposed to walk...

Posted by Misabella @ 08/28/2003 11:22 AM GMT1
Fortsättning på resan
Vaknade upp dagen efter hade rest i vår buss efter den tre dagars långa vandring genom dalen, eller i alla fall en bit av den. Vaknade upp av att det var kallt. Tittade upp och såg snö !! Gick ut yrvaken, hungrig och nödig och insåg att det var sand - vit sand. Så vit som snö. Vi hade...

Posted by football @ 08/24/2003 01:17 PM GMT3.5
salam !!!


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