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Posted by Pensieve @ 03/31/2004 03:50 PM GMT1
i hear there's this new controversial ad back in the philippines. its an alchohol ad that says "nakatikim ka na ba ng kinse años?"(have you ever tried a 15 year old?). it seems to be stirring quite a lot of attention. a lot of people want the ad to be taken down and ripped into pieces. but wtf...

Posted by Old Indian Man @ 03/11/2004 09:57 PM GMT1
Anderson Cooper up in pumps
HES CLOSER THAN HE THINKS Mr. Cooper just recently revisited Dalton, to give a speech to the students—just as Barbara Walters had done when he was a student. The suggestion, however, that he may end up as the next Barbara Walters seemed to throw him. "I have a long way to go before I can walk in...

Posted by Snowlad @ 01/14/2004 10:52 AM GMT1
Facial Hair Bonus
Indian police given moustache pay Many Indian men see the moustache as a sign of masculinity Police in a district in India's Madhya Pradesh state are being paid to grow moustaches because bosses believe it makes them command more respect. Ten policemen in the northern state are already receiving...

Posted by Sara's Dagbok @ 01/13/2004 07:46 PM GMT1
Jag har börjat idag. Jag ska skriva för första gången min weblog.

Posted by Linca @ 01/09/2004 02:21 PM GMT1
Hemkommen till Nairobi efter safari i Masai Mara
nu ar vi tillbaka i nairobi efter 3 dagar i masai mara, det har varit en mkt trevlig upplevelse. var pa safari i 2 dagar och den tredje dagen var vi pa besok i en masai by. och det var roligt att se, men helt ofattbart att folk kan bo som dom gjorde.. pa safarin sag vi massa djur igen, gepard,...

Posted by scribbling madly @ 01/06/2004 05:43 PM GMT-8
there is no white flag
Three cuts and a nick in my finger. And he still yelled. Delicate still life interrupted. The glass bowl slipped from my hands. Shattered on the counter. Pieces stuck in my skin. I sat on my bathroom floor crying. A red flag seeping across my palm. He told her I get on his...

Posted by Gajan @ 01/06/2004 11:29 PM GMT1
Salt i Bolivia
Har inte sa hemskt mycket mer att skriva den har gangen heller, men sen sista har vi hunnit med att dra ut i Bolivias otroligt stora salt-oken och i formiddags var ett gang av oss ner i nagra snallt sagt primitiva silver-gruvor (dar enligt olika uppgifter mellan 1 & 8 miljoner manniskor har...

Posted by MiKa @ 12/18/2003 05:52 PM GMT2
Jultallrik och julklappshysteri
Igår hade jag nöjet att få delta i VIS årliga julbordstradition. Det var faktiskt riktigt trevligt och mycket gott ! Två rejäla tallrikar var med kall o varm mat fick vi. Smarrigast var laxen & sillen... mm. =)  Sen blev det julklapp i form av OS-boken som jag jobbat med och en...

Posted by lolson @ 11/22/2003 08:40 PM GMT1
Slayer in Legoland
  (this picture is taken in my livingroom not in legoland, I got the ©opyrigth not lego and that's it...)   CHECK OUT 'RAINING BLOOD' FROM THE DVD!, Hifi: g/slayer/Slayer_RainingBlood-h i.asx CHECK OUT 'RAINING BLOOD' FROM THE DVD!,...

Posted by Scars of the Wind @ 11/21/2003 11:59 AM GMT1
What color are you?
What color are you? (Anime Pictures) brought to you by Quizilla I've been told that I really am all those things my entire life... =.=;;


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