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Slovak Republic

Posted by Heart of Steel @ 01/31/2006 08:47 PM GMT1
Nerves of steel
Hello boys and girls of all ages and sexes. Yesterday was the worst day of my life. Nothing bad happened, it's just that I had a seriously messed up mood. The night I went to bed, I had a feeling that the next day would be bad. It all started with my phone waking me up at 6. I automatically...

Posted by heavy metal @ 10/22/2005 06:54 PM GMT-8
So I started my blog, hoping to capture some of my days and hopefully, those that will read it will get to know me a bit. So what/who 'am I ?My name is Adam Zelenay, I'm from Slovakia and I'm 17. My passion is heavy metal and just anything about it. The life, the music, the people...I was a drummer...

Posted by My Days @ 04/11/2005 12:57 PM GMT1
POKIAL VAS HUDBA RUSI PRI CITANI, UPLNE DOLE NA TEJTO STRANKE JU MOZETE VYPNUT Mrtví znova vstávajú...„ Nuda...“ pomyslel si Roik a hlavu si položil na stôl. Smrdel od piva. „ Som to ja ale blázon ked som jej dával ten slub...“ zdvihol oči a pozrel na kňažku Silwen. Medzi bicích sa mužov...

Posted by Heaviest Blog @ 03/07/2005 10:05 AM GMT1
Always wondered...
I've always wondered what life was like. Would it be cold outside ? How was the sun ? Was it really so warm as in my dreams ??? And then I was born. Life was good. Had lots of milk. Had lots of cookies. Had lots of fun and love. But wasn't perfect. No milk and no cookie could fill the...

Posted by Dance to Heaven @ 09/19/2004 11:51 AM GMT1
Back again !
Hey all ! Good news, the virus from my cimputer has been removed, and so now I can finally check my emails and update my blog. My life has been pretty busy lately as I have started studying pretty much , and I have to go to my snowboard practices from time to time. Anyway , Elisa...

Posted by TyPexXxDeMoNoLoGy @ 03/11/2004 04:26 PM GMT-5
todays score: 7 to 7.thats satan spice 7 and jebus 7.dammit, the pens count as ONE thing, because the ERIN pen doenst count. at all. even if it did, it'd be part of the same argument-like-event.haha we do threaten to rape each other a lot. actually, no. i only say fuck you, i never threaten to rape...

Posted by ZoRaL @ 02/04/2004 01:47 PM GMT1

Posted by Zh4a @ 07/15/2003 02:26 PM GMT1
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