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South Africa


Posted by SandMan @ 04/11/2006 12:23 PM GMT2
Great Friends, Great Music.......
So, here I am back again. Time sure flies when your being worked like a pack donkey. Let me see, what updates can I put here about my life ??? Oh, I recently went to a cool day party called H2O and had the time of my life. Most of my friends pitched up there aswel so we all had a vet jol. As...

Posted by November @ 11/02/2005 03:43 AM GMT-8
More NanoWriMo
New entry 02-11-05 The driver loads art supplies. The artist buys biltong. The heat is sultry and it makes no difference if the windows are open or closed. She can’t read and has nothing to say to the bearded sick man behind her. He is listening to Berlioz on his Ipod. Berlioz, she thinks. She...

Posted by Interesting Times @ 09/06/2005 05:45 PM GMT2
What I did today & other arbitrary comments
1. Started this blog thing - has taken forever inbetween meetings 2. Picked up my divorce papers for signing and signed the summons 3. Organised my next business trip to Austria 4. Chatted to Christel 5. Ate salad for lunch as part of my detox diet 6. The weather is crap here in durban,...

Posted by Learning Moms @ 09/04/2005 07:53 AM GMT1
Confessions of a lurker
I've recently begun taking online classes from a college, becuase that is the only way I can fit education into my schedule while I'm working full time and trying to raise two little boys. The way it works is that I subscribe to these newsgroups in an e-mail client and post responses to discussion...

Posted by Home Truths @ 08/23/2005 10:09 AM GMT2
Resisting envy
The office blissfully empty as I go on dashing down entries before starting to rework the supplement pages. Gratutude my old ally coming to rescue the morning – so glad to har Ula’s voice on the phone. She is fine but taking our ancient little cat to the vet because he isn’t lifting his tail and...

Posted by The Rookery @ 03/28/2005 11:49 PM GMT2
Changed Blogs
For those of you who are interested I have changed blogs. I am now bloging at . Damn, I wish I could move all of these entries over.

Posted by New Wineskins @ 03/07/2005 05:32 PM GMT2
Let's start at the very beginning
Sometimes we make faith so much more complicated than it really is. Our faith is grounded in the ordinary. Planting an olive tree in my back garden, wondering if I have chosen the right place, imagining the late summer day years ahead when I go out and pick glossy black olives to be cured in a...

Posted by IWar @ 02/07/2005 09:08 AM GMT2
<P>In case you didn't notice, 10% of the year is already gone...</P>

Posted by BreadandCircuses @ 02/07/2005 09:06 AM GMT2
In case you didn't notice, 10% of the year is already gone...

Posted by The Faithful Korn @ 11/12/2004 11:37 AM GMT-8
Despise me
And If I could teach the world to be.. I'd teach them all to be something just like me. Frustrated, bitter, depressing. Perfect - As if my wings were like yours But I'm falling down. And if you could hold your tongue long enough.. You'd see that all I am is love, but I don't like me. I...


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