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Russian Federation


Posted by muzakkirah @ 05/11/2011 07:53 AM GMT3
Sinergikan dakwah
Alhamdulillah..segala puji bagi Allah, diberi kesempatan untuk melancarkan tinta lagi. Hampir berbulan blog ni dibiarkan tanpa dijenguk. Rasa hilang ghairahnya membaca dan menulis apabila lama berhenti berkarya. Itulah, ar-rahah bil-rijal ghaflah ;p Subhanallah, siapa sangka hari ni saya...

Posted by Na_Rabote_blog @ 01/16/2007 09:22 AM GMT3
Поздравим друг друга!
Вот и прошел Новый год! И, к сожалению, а может и к счастью, закончились новогодние каникулы. Каждый получил свою порцию подарков от Деда и Внучки, повысил содержание алкоголя в своей крови, возможно отоспался... Начались трудовые будни и пришла пора подсчитывать, кто из клиентов сколько всего...

Posted by Agnostic Bonfires @ 07/07/2004 03:49 PM GMT-6
Ideas? Anyone? Anyone at all?
We're going to the mall tonight to buy Jeff presents.  If anyone has any ideas at all as to what we should get him, they would be greatly appreciated.  Of course, the only people actually reading this blog are most likely John, Kaisi, and myself so I probably really won't receive any...

Posted by comparedtoYOu @ 05/07/2004 03:32 PM GMT-8
its EASY for robots. i myself, see everything around me, too complicated to understand the real meaning of that thing. the subject in front of me. i stare right into it's eyes hoping they'de stay around and help me through this "life of liesure".. one day i'd want to know how it feels to not...

Posted by marilyn @ 01/26/2004 05:38 PM GMT4
Bai bai.
I've moved from here. Finally. Go here.

Posted by CraZAyABsFoO @ 11/21/2003 04:24 PM GMT-8
shiZ nitZ
wut is up bitches n hoes? i say tht because thats all there seems to b nowadays..cant find someone to stay true thru and thru..juss remember..every relationship that starts off with a lie cant and will not work out!!


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