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Posted by callmefam @ 09/01/2014 08:07 AM GMT3
home again
im back for goodI tried not to write for sometime. hindi ko alam kung bakit. pero tinatamad na ako. iniisip ko pa lang ayoko na. iniisip ko pa lang tinatamad na ako. mahirap mangkunwari. pero heto muli ako.. nagsusulat. binabalikan ang nakaraan. nagsasamo ng saloobin at higit sa lahat....

Posted by ReStLeSs SoUl @ 08/18/2014 04:33 PM GMT6.5
no idea
Im back. I have nowhere else to express myself except here. Anyway, im in love again. Hahahaha. I dont know. Question, can you fall in love with somebody you dont know?

Posted by drama queen @ 07/23/2014 06:02 PM GMT9
after eons i posted something
i never though i would be back here~ it was just a random whim a little while ago to look back at my previous blogs was so scared when the website said "due to inactivity we deactivated your account" my heart stopped good thing i remembered the password >__< i dont know if i am going to be back...

Posted by kaliedoscope @ 07/20/2014 10:17 PM GMT-8.5
Operation Lose Weight
Year 2007 before I went to Dubai to work I was 125lbs. or around 57kg 56.81kg to be exact. In the UAE, you will find different types of food from different places (Arabic like grilled meat, Moroccan dishes, Europian, Mexican, Indian are all available and budget friendly and most of all you...

Posted by EnglishTopnotcher @ 07/19/2014 11:52 PM GMT8
Natural Disasters
A natural disaster is defined as a result or a consequence of a natural hazard, which has a negative effect on human beings. Though some of the natural disasters are geological many of them are due to the changes in the climatic conditions. Some of the natural hazards that have caused natural...

Posted by silahisngaraw @ 07/04/2014 08:55 PM GMT-8
ilang araw na
patawad at kinalimutan kitahindi sinasadyadahil maraming bagay na dapat isa alang alang

Posted by Ren's @ 06/21/2014 09:30 PM GMT-8
No, I'm not the best in the world.I always fuck up.Sometimes, I'm hard to put up with.Sometimes, I can be a little immature.Sometimes, I can be very selfish.Sometimes, I can be a really jealous person.Sometimes, I would get mad easily.Sometimes, I would make mistakes.But I swear, I try to be...

Posted by iamcheska @ 06/11/2014 05:49 PM GMT7
From the Fault in our Stars
It's just another nightAnd I'm staring at the moonI saw a shooting starAnd thought of youI sang a lullabyBy the waterside and knewIf you were here,I'd sing to youYou're on the other sideAs the skyline splits in twoI'm miles away from seeing youI can see the starsFrom AmericaI wonder, do you see...

Posted by Ooops @ 05/08/2014 08:02 AM GMT-8
Galera 2
Here's another!!!This picture, taken in our latest SCT Getaway. April 24, 2009 at Puerto Galera in a Pedal Boat, about 60 ft from the shore. See my shorts? Its a bit longer now! =)Why unauthorized?Oh! It must be the pose!!!

Posted by lifewords @ 04/28/2014 12:28 AM GMT6
a new day
a new day you get means your life is significant. look up. step forward. hope is ahead. there should be no room for quitting. much beauty is yet to come. :)


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