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Posted by umaagos na tubig @ 12/01/2017 10:52 PM GMT8
nandito nanaman ako. sarap mong balik balikan. hay naku. ano oras na, oras na para matulog. pero wala ka pa. nagsusulat nanaman ako sa walang kwentang blog na to. ano magagawa ko, mahal ko to. dito nagsimula ang lahat. maraming kwentong walang kakwenta kwenta ang naitala sa kasaysayan mo. ...

Posted by stupid freak @ 11/29/2017 06:09 PM GMT6.5
Passenger Seat (kasi yun yung kanta)
at this very point of my life, eto na siguro yung pinakabusy sa buong pagkatao ko. wala na akong maisip kundi work. umay, stressed, saturated! lol. puro work na lang. hindi ko nga alam kung para san ko pa ginagawa to. para sakin? pero hindi naman kasi ako masaya na talaga sa nangyayari sakin sa...

Posted by coefficientsco @ 10/30/2017 10:50 AM GMT8
The Influence of HR in Improving Manager and Employee Engagement
In an outsourcing company, every department is expected to perform their assigned role for the company to succeed and develop. But amongst all the departments, HR is believed to handle the greater stress for they are most in tune with the employee engagement and well-being. To simplify, while...

Posted by Exploited Expat @ 11/10/2017 11:03 AM GMT8
Crypher - A haven for Crypto Hunters
Before, when people hear the word Crypto Hunting they normally relate it to the science of finding UFO, ghosts, and other mysterious and paranormal activities. But, that is far from the Crypto hunters of our world right now. The hype that Digital currency has brought to the online financial...

Posted by ----len---- @ 09/25/2017 12:26 PM GMT6
An Open Letter To You Beshie
On your wedding day i have few wishes for you... I wish you unconditional love for you and your husband so you would be able to see the beauty of marriage,and what makes them say "in sickness and in health, for better or for worst ,until death do us part" , i hope those promises will...

Posted by Far And Away @ 09/22/2017 08:46 AM GMT8
2017 Adult Goals
- I targeted to increase my world index shares last year and now I own 950 units. - Hubby got his partner visa this year. I processed his documents for months and sent hubby to medical exam and everything went well. Yay. His visa was granted in three months time. Thanks to my document...

Posted by all things evil.. @ 08/23/2017 01:18 AM GMT8
yes, this is a misadventure...
stealing a poem for you... only you... “I still search for you in crowds, in empty fields and soaring clouds. In city lights and passing cars, on winding roads and wishing stars.” ― Lang Leav, Lullabies

Posted by tanstaafl... @ 08/17/2017 07:51 AM GMT8
Yes, I come and go every other year...

Posted by beatheheat @ 08/14/2017 12:28 AM GMT9
Marks my 6th month
It has been a long journey for both of us. I came to you with a broken heart. I can truly say that my heart has mended, thanks to you. I have set certain goals before we part, I think I'm half way there. I think but I am not certain. I hope I've learned my lessons this time. Let's celebrate each...

Posted by My Kare Kano @ 07/21/2017 02:08 PM GMT-6
photobucket sucks now
See what did I tell you? PB ruined it.


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