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Papua New Guinea

Posted by life in a cage @ 08/09/2004 10:55 PM GMT10
-.::.-my bad 4 not making entry-.::.-
yo~~ i know, i am one terrible person coz i never update this...but o well, i do have a life, no? o well....go watch troy...knife scene rules ass....remember when you say the lord's prayer to say "Our faja, who art in Denmark....."....umm....i got the crap bashed outta me by a peice of shit...

Posted by krisko @ 02/04/2004 10:32 PM GMT-8
wow its been a while
well it certainly has been a while since i've been on here. whats going on there? well school started and its just been so busy and all, well school sucks just like i said it would our new principal is kool but the deputy is not. hes a loser. i dont like him at all. anyways and the principal has...

Posted by ice-blog @ 12/15/2003 08:07 AM GMT10
Had our office Christmas luncheon last Friday.....was okay... Ate like a pig. The boss decided to give us the afternoon off.. I came back to the office at arounf 3pm. Did bits n' pieces and then decided to leave at around 3:30...Went over to the main office and found Janet totally smashed. She told...

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