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Posted by Thought-Pot @ 08/30/2009 09:30 PM GMT5
The Cloud Genie!
 It rained the enitre day today and I was overly hyper throughout lol running in and out (into the balcony). Perhaps its something in the air, rainy days, which look gloomy and depressing seem to have the exact opposite effect on people in this particular part of the world. Oh well, there's...

Posted by Matt-Rowena @ 02/24/2009 10:19 PM GMT5
The Long Horse Ride, Pt. 1 - Shanghaiguan to Beijing
Cast of Characters   Me on Bei Bei, Mr Ren, Guo Sheng, Zorbee, Megan Lewis on Jing Jing   Mr Peng and his pony – the previous year he and his ponies had been all around China.   Mr Peng's ponies   Preparing for the ride.    We set off from Shanhaiguan...

Posted by Shail @ 06/08/2007 08:40 PM GMT5.5
Cultural Relativism.......Fact or Fancy????
In its pure context cultural relativism is having something out of a George Lucas movie in which civilizations are a mere clone of each other ruled by the single objective of the ever dominant republic, where in its true sense the republic itself is a pseudo entity which is feeding on...

Posted by Knight @ 07/20/2004 01:07 AM GMT5
Staring at the ceiling lying on the floor thinking (blank) Gazing inside the walls of my mind finding (blank) Don’t know how it started I think it’s because of (blank) In the mist of my mind trying to locate a memory of (blank)   Blank memories of everything in my mind all blurry my mind...

Posted by Noam Chomsky @ 04/28/2004 12:11 PM GMT-8
America's Quest for Global Dominance
Regards from Z. Jeddy Through this blog I am trying to reach out to you with some useful material dealing with the ambition of America for global dominance. It is a transcript of a TV interview of the well-known American writer Noam Chomsky. For those who would like a bit more, I have also...

Posted by Farnosh @ 04/15/2004 08:18 PM GMT-8
Imam Hussain (PBUH)
Imam Hussein (a.s.)  and Ashura’    Mournful tears are shed at the beginning of every new Islamic year, Muharram. What is the significance behind these tears and who are they shed for?  Imam Hussein, the Leader of the martyrs is the honorable name and reason of why we stand...

Posted by underground news @ 02/22/2004 09:56 PM GMT5
underground contest
"Underground music contest" please contact

Posted by Water Tanks @ 02/17/2004 04:26 PM GMT-8
Weaknesses The conical shape of the tank would seem to reduce the stability of the walls, which would have an increased propensity to cave in and damage the functionality of the storage area. The life of the tank will thereby be reduced. The weakness of the walls will be directly proportional to...

Posted by All I Want To Say @ 01/26/2004 03:18 AM GMT8
           i remember the games we use to play, from catchet catch to corner corner to hit n run, burf pani (ice n water) Shukolata, i even remember their smell, the fragrance... as well as MONA's teachings, i learnt alot from her... she, in some ways...

Posted by Z Jeddy @ 01/07/2004 10:45 PM GMT5
Maheens stories
The Sharing Doll         ;      ;      ;     There once was a doll named Katie. Everybody in the nursery liked her a lot, for she was an honest, helpful, sharing doll. She made delicious food and by the...


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