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New Zealand (Aotearoa)


Posted by vehemence-- @ 11/18/2003 07:24 PM GMT12
What's cooler than cool? Ice cold!
Sadist The ULTIMATE personality test brought to you by Quizilla

Posted by Will @ 11/15/2003 04:26 PM GMT12
da Day~!
Well i've managed to gumbily cut my left eye.... cant really see out of it ... bit fuzzy uh no~ >.< gonna have to see a doc bout it but 2nite New Zealand vs Australia WORLD CUP!! Semi-finals .... i have to say..... :D NZ will have to pummel down to the ground or i wont be happy :D...

Posted by Vida deuna Pirata @ 11/10/2003 06:54 PM GMT12
Stupid Online Tests...
G'day peoples. On the advice of a friend I did this test.... It sucked shit but here are the...

Posted by Vindictive @ 11/06/2003 05:47 PM GMT12
I need to do alot of shit before I can put some interesting dirt in my blog. Like her I will blog later if I get the time. Guess what? Im gonna beg some nice person to make me a layout for my review site. If your interested plz post on the tag board. I will give you endless plugs & advertising...

Posted by Edgy Logic @ 10/23/2003 12:05 AM GMT12
Interim Situations
Be wary of using an interim situation and planning to migrate to the ideal situation later. Often-times people become comfortable with the interim in the meantime. Develop milestones at which you want particular things to be in place — concrete plans or objectives, not fuzzy goals.

Posted by babytiff @ 10/09/2003 11:11 AM GMT1
There was this rich girl who wasn't used to commuting. One day, she was going someplace near and was forced to ride a jeep. When she was already at the place she was supposed to get off, this is what she said: "Mama, at the corner, para."One guy was buying ham from Excellente in Quiapo and...

Posted by Randomish [.tk] @ 10/01/2003 02:41 PM GMT12
Yeah! That's right, Randomish has found a host! Although this will make life easier, it'll make it harder for now, seeing as I've done alot of work online. Now I have to save everything to my hard drive. Oh well, it'll be worth it :) Very soon I'll be: /nina! Of course...

Posted by NHW Trainers @ 09/26/2003 01:41 PM GMT12
Schedule 2-Weeks 27th October -->
  Mon 27 28  29   30  31  1 Mon 3 4  5  6  7 8 Derek  Acc XP L1(2) CD10 L2 (2)  Out Xp L2 Prep     FW MX L1   Fpg XP...

Posted by Realisticly @ 09/17/2003 11:02 PM GMT12
Realisticly Speaking
Bitchology: When I speak my mind, they call me a bitch. When I say what I believe in, they call me a bitch. When I do what I know, they call me a bitch. When I tell them it's right, they call me a bitch. Infact for multiple and endless reasons, they call me a bitch. And while they call...

Posted by Sgi's club @ 09/11/2003 06:53 PM GMT12
Nuthin special today
Today just berlalu seperti biasa. Tadi sempet ngeliat mobil di Porana Panels en ternyata punto gue udah selesai bok. Besok bisa diambil deh jadinya. Mampir bentar di paul bilang katanya si ucup udah ngebook buat hari rebo depan tuh. Gue aja kagak tau kalo udah dibook in. Ya udah deh gitu aja gak...


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