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New Zealand (Aotearoa)


Posted by aNgRi AzN gUrL @ 09/30/2004 07:17 PM GMT-8
Presidential Debate
Watching the debate right now...We learned a bit about the history of debate in Morality & Faith and it's quite shocking what has changed since the League of Women Voters pulled out in 1988...Read the book No Debate for more info... George W. Bush is talking himself into a hole. Poor...

Posted by ~livin far away~ @ 07/04/2004 04:14 PM GMT-8
I know I said I wasn't gonna post again but I lied. THIS is my final post to let all my Blogdrive friends know I am back on Blogdrive with a new blog: Adios, au revoir, and ttyl! Signed, Iaryvi

Posted by My Journey so far @ 06/21/2004 07:47 PM GMT12
Yay.This blog finally looks presentable. Still looks like crap but at least its not the default blogdrive layout. And I finally found a neat image host that will actually let me link my header image externally. Yay.

Posted by Adventure City @ 06/19/2004 12:17 PM GMT12
The Final Curtain
Bye Guys, it's been a blast! It's gonna be hard leaving behind the island life, the palm trees and all the smiling faces that we have encountered.... at least we'll bring it back in spirit and suntans!!! Everything is done at such a relaxed pace here, we run on island time!! so...

Posted by Things Not Seen @ 06/16/2004 01:26 PM GMT-6
Quick Update
Well, I am writing a quick update I guess before Samm gets here. Nothing has really been going on lately. Had a flute lesson and I now know all the fingerings on the flute. I cannot play d though, for some reason I just cannot make it make the right sound, or any sound at all. Umm...I have been...

Posted by Disjuku @ 06/02/2004 03:18 AM GMT12
went to a rugby game with my sister... it was an interesting game, half way through someone bgot a beach ball and the stand was hitting it around - noone cared about the game... till some moron popped it :(  ; - amazing - probably not if you dont know anything about...

Posted by One Tree Hill @ 04/16/2004 06:41 PM GMT12
ˇQx ƬQء 湫˾ǝhƬ lڣ20043 Ŀ 1.^ɹ 2. 3. 4.N 5.ħ 6.҂҂ 7.Һ 8.ƾ` 9.cTAXI 10. ...

Posted by Ashley Wilson @ 01/26/2004 12:30 PM GMT12
Lifes Thresholds
One thing that has come up recently is the different thresholds people can go through in life. On the spiritual path the thresholds are increased in intensity. Not because they are harder but because they are deeper. Oh yeah we will go through hard times during our life but how deep do you wanna...

Posted by My emptyness. @ 12/03/2003 09:58 PM GMT12
Oh.. okay. No updates in a while.. who cares, im lazy? So, I made a website :) len Hmm.. it's great. My mum came home today :) Got me some really cool chucks, black and pink.. Some stockings.. bright pink.. bright green.. red and black.. Lots of cool shirts...

Posted by -Sw!f..MM- @ 11/22/2003 04:19 AM GMT12
meh.. >.>;
yay, its the weekend *dies* now i have plenty of time to practice my CG-ing skillz XD (which are non-existant o-o; ) nah, i have other things to do anyways; omg the fair is in town ^^ i almost forgot, well ill have to make lizzie come, megan can come too, maybe >.>;... ugh, omg i just turned...


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