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New Zealand (Aotearoa)


Posted by StrayPupInTheWild @ 12/15/2007 12:28 PM GMT12
Miss You
Sarah Tomlinson... I miss ya!

Posted by daily musings @ 08/02/2007 12:50 AM GMT12
Just a Quickie...
I've been busy as a bee these past few weeks, so sorry yet again for the lack of updates y'all.  I'm surprised that there are still some of youse out there who drop by this very neglected and forsaken scrap of cyberspace, but all the same, I am VERY appreciative :)  Anyways, what's been...

Posted by poems/arty @ 06/30/2007 02:38 AM GMT12
just me again
1. First name: Stressy 2. middle name: Shear 3. Last name: Ramos 4. Like your name?: Sometimes, It has its moments 5. Gender: female 6. Nationality: Filipino, Kiwi at heart 7. Lives: Melbourne and Wellington 9. Occupation: Unemployed.. at uni 10. email addy: ask meh 11. NAME 3 THINGS THAT...

Posted by BRAT666 @ 06/07/2007 04:37 PM GMT12
So you thought I'd died? Gone to the great beyond? To the armpits of hell, where I did once dwell.... Well Sorry...NO!   Hey Ya'll long time since I've been here... Many have fallen on the path here, but I'm still not to worry....   Well down here in Zland where it's so...

Posted by SPELL NoticeBoard @ 03/11/2007 03:30 AM GMT12
Happy Birthday Remus!
Happy Birthday Remus!! Yes, it's that time of year again, Remus' Birthday, make sure you all drop your wishes past Lupinland.  He'll read them you know!Yes... he'll read them.*All of Helen's friends nod reassuringly then go and call a doctor...*

Posted by Seeking Sanity @ 03/01/2007 11:48 AM GMT12
yawn, back to class

Posted by meineQalb @ 09/21/2006 08:53 PM GMT8
sentimental sat
IN THE NAME OF ALLAH THE MOST GRACIOUS THE MOST MERCIFULYa Rabb bawa aku pergi jauh dari sini...Kehadiran itu mengajar aku seribu makna tentang kehidupan..Namun harga kehadiran itu rupanya sangat mahalAku rupanya kehilangan juga sesuatu yang berharga untuk membayar kehadiran itu..Adakah...

Posted by summer @ 12/20/2004 12:24 AM GMT-8
我有跟他聊天了。。。 他说有问题想要问我。。。可是 姑挥醒А!! 好怕哦。。。是什么呢? 明天就知道了。。

Posted by D'Ramblings @ 11/28/2004 02:22 PM GMT12
Of Veggies Thought Of...
To Carrot: Throughout my day I find myself thinking of u. Every nite as I drift off 2 sleep, you're the one on my mind. And first thing in the morning b4 I stretch and greet a new day, yup - u - first thing on my mind. Crazy hey, but I like it. Someone offered me half their stick of gum...

Posted by aNgRi AzN gUrL @ 09/30/2004 07:17 PM GMT-8
Presidential Debate
Watching the debate right now...We learned a bit about the history of debate in Morality & Faith and it's quite shocking what has changed since the League of Women Voters pulled out in 1988...Read the book No Debate for more info... George W. Bush is talking himself into a hole. Poor...


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