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Posted by Welcome Children @ 03/21/2004 06:55 PM GMT-5
the 21st of the month of the march of the
Okay today was super cool. But last night I went to see: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Kick ass movie. It was pretty funny, specially with the whole jumping around half naked stoned part and the being bathed in the sink part. But i dont want to ruin the movie. It wasn't a funny movie,...

Posted by shirlz @ 01/20/2004 01:57 PM GMT10
yipeedeedoodah yipadeeday! dis so gay. i dunno how didi writes so much....geez. anyhow [man i dunno hu i'm toking to here] well, to all u out there reading this stupid blog. i tell u ur wasting ur time! :p jk i'm cold and sick and fiesty u wanna try me? [random] oh yeh this is me on a gud day...i...

Posted by turk @ 09/06/2003 11:23 PM GMT-8
tset 2 * 2

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