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Posted by Simply117 @ 07/10/2008 04:30 PM GMT10
I`m Leaving [Remix] - Jesse Mc Cartney ft. Baby Bashwoke up & had a pretty good nights sleep. brother came in & said there was noodles downstairs. came down & ate breakfast. my mum was washing up & she was all fangry. so i asked her if she wanted me to take in the clothes and she...

Posted by the talk @ 06/14/2008 02:37 AM GMT10
hey guys... well today i'm jealous... because i wanted to put up a video of myself singing so i could brag but no matter how many times i taped myself i sounded shit!!! like i realised how crap i was... i'm not that great, neither am i that great... that sucks... you know i thought singing as...

Posted by Korrupted } @ 06/09/2008 02:08 AM GMT10
For The Record
Dear Mister Blogdrive, MAJOR BREAKOUT on my FACE! I hate puberty :( GRRRand i also hate assignments. Oh and homework. LOL gosh, looks like I'm getting a tad pmsy. B.STUDIES ASSIGN DUE IN A FEW DAYS! and still not sure about what business to do. School just around the corner T_T" I'm so used to...

Posted by elephants, say hi @ 05/20/2008 03:10 PM GMT10
Things Taken For Granted
It's been awhile since we last talked. As in, a real conversation involves us talking and actually lasts for more than 2 or 3 text messages. Hmm, the truth is, even after all these time, I still do have feelings for you no matter what I've said about you or how wrong it is. There, I finally...

Posted by Salx @ 05/10/2008 11:01 PM GMT10
Forget the movies I’ve not got time to scratch!
Mood: ContentMusic: The Wombats - Backfire at the disco (Check out the video clip!)Last food consumed:  Ginger Snap Biscuit and a cup of tea :)About to: Post this blog and goto bed (10pm here)So Uni is full on! Damn – I’ve not got time to watch movies so the movie challenge in on hiatus for...

Posted by Donations4Ephram @ 04/19/2008 08:04 PM GMT10
Ferals, fleas, florals.........Flaming Oath!
So, It's been about a month since the anticipated move out of TOB's reaches and here's the update.....It took around a month to move the TipperManning Feral brigade out. This was due in part to the incompetancies of Chris & co at JA. They sent the letter with the required 65+ day notice, but...

Posted by My Doggie Life v5 @ 03/31/2008 09:28 PM GMT11
try http://sweessan.wordpress.comg one are those times where i edit my own template, and talk rubbish, its time to move on. ttyl

Posted by mujahidah @ 02/04/2008 01:07 PM GMT9.5
Satu lagi permulaan
Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. Kembali lagi ke alam blogging. Dah lama tak update blog diatas perkara-perkara dan peristiwa-peristiwa yg tak dapat di elakkan. Smoga Allah menjadikan satu lagi permulaan ini sebagai satu permulaan yg baik yg akan membawa kepada pengakhiran yg baik di sisi Allah,...

Posted by Myvisualkeibf @ 01/30/2008 01:06 AM GMT10.5
Chapter IV: "I dare you to."
AYANE’S POV:“Breakfast’s ready!!” Ugh… morning already?! No, it can’t be. That felt like ten minutes. I’ll…get up later… Suddenly, my alarm rang and confirmed that it was clearly time for me to get up and get ready for school. Without even realizing, my hand automatically made its way to the...

Posted by kk's been here @ 01/25/2008 04:39 PM GMT10
The life wheel.
Things have taken a turn for the better for me since I last blogged. Life is a fugue, one could also say that it is like the economic cycle.. up and down, up and down. I have finally gotten a job at Kmart in Blacktown so if anyone ever comes around there, be sure to say hi! I had to complete an...


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