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Posted by Magic @ 10/30/2009 09:50 PM GMT10
Stuck in Reverse
Man seeks happiness. Forgetting this on the way means achieving it.

Posted by naddy @ 10/22/2009 10:22 PM GMT10
things that us BOYS should know about GIRLS, DrsLove
Inspired, compiled, insulted by the many female beautys (and shreks) i have in my life.i want to thank you all for your support, drlove comments, teaching drlove, the art of love. you know who you are, and yes all your thighs are fat.these...

Posted by LOVE EVERYDAY. @ 10/18/2009 09:13 PM GMT10
Hi guys. I've moved to Tumblr :(http://love-everyday.tumblr .comClick click click.I think it's a permanent change.I don't think I'll do the usual Tumblr stuff like reblogging of posts/photos.But yeah. I didn't include comments there.Hope that's ok.Bye lovers, xo!

Posted by Vision Generation @ 08/19/2009 05:25 PM GMT10
40hr famine!
The Vision Generation 40hr famine at UNSW has taken off with a blast! Over 100 people have signed up over just 4 days! With only 3 days left till the famine, the excitement is escalating! Sign up for the 40hr famine! 10-4pm at the Quad all week! The 40hr famine is an annual event run by...

Posted by open your eyes @ 08/11/2009 06:30 PM GMT10
the good times
4 years have passed and everyone has grown and is now doing bigger and better things. AND we are way cooler now too! I just miss all the good old days at Brimbank College. We used to see each other nearly everyday of the week, and now we hardly get together to catch up. All the...

Posted by Nairne golf club @ 08/04/2009 07:12 PM GMT9.5
Nairne wins pennant
congratulations to Jackson,Ollie, Mike, Darren, Don,Nick and John on a great season and for bringing the pennant shield to Nairne for the 3rd time in 5 years.

Posted by go cordless @ 07/08/2009 03:29 AM GMT9.5
It's probably your fault. You know what i'm talking about.
I was Pantjacked - They left me just standing there, holding my belt and shivering in the cold.My God. It's been 4 years or more since I last posted here. And hasn't a lot happened. It's not a question, as evidenced by the full stop at the end of that last sentence. A lot has happened. When I...

Posted by somethinganyway @ 04/27/2009 08:51 AM GMT10
You. You lay on the carpet of the casino floor and pretended to be a butterfly, your wings spread wide in lush reds, greens and blues. A little splattering of truth and beauty amongst the monstrous decor; between the lies and falsehood. And so you flew; in the watery-thin splendour of the hotel...

Posted by Slacker @ 04/18/2009 02:09 AM GMT10
new machine
Here is my pretty new machine!  DC 2101  Yay!  After 10+ years of battling with my grandmother's Singer 403, I've finally said enough is enough, I need accuracy, speed & reliability :) 

Posted by s.h.a.z.i.r.a @ 02/16/2009 02:13 PM GMT10


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