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Posted by Letters 2 Kitchie @ 04/18/2011 04:37 AM GMT5
April 16
Dear Kitchie,Trisha moved to the new house today so it's just me and Maya left in the room. It's a big issue with some of the girls because there are some girls who did not request to be moved that will be transfered to the new place and girls who requested to be transfered who will be staying at...

Posted by souzoedlySLICK @ 11/05/2004 02:42 AM GMT8
Some things jus dun matter anymore
Well...Somethings and issues i really wish that it doesn't matter to me anymore..insecurities and stuff..all these sux...having ur loved one talk to peeps u abhor, getting to noe something which u should hear it from the right person but often it doesn't..not the first time anymore..having random...

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