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Posted by Thoughts of JM @ 06/03/2015 10:40 PM GMT7
The Outcome
5 days after The Exam was done & the results are out today.How's the exam?It's doable to be honest. I wouldn't say it was easy peasy. Pretty tricky if you don't read it carefully. With a super long paragraph for one question... you would tend to get nervous. Psycho orang skit kan. Did I do...

Posted by cwazy wabbit @ 05/23/2015 12:20 PM GMT7
Blogdrive dah idop balik ke??
testing.. testing.. 123

Posted by ayermata @ 05/16/2015 07:44 PM GMT7
Alamat Baharu - Mak Cik Raja
Assalamualaikum,Setelah rumah lama ini sudah rosak sana sini dan tidak dapat dibaiki lagi, maka dengan ini Mak Cik Raja umumkan: "Saya sudah pindah ke  Rumah Kecil Dekat Sawah."Insya-Allah boleh cari Mak Cik Raja di sana ya, kalau rindu :pKalau tak ada di situ juga, Mak Cik Raja di Rumah...

Posted by Enchanted realm @ 05/07/2015 01:33 AM GMT7
those old notes
It was the old emails of the account that you almost forgot of its existance. They are like old "love letters" calling out to you again. The unread ones, emails that you left hanging there all brand new, even though holds no more validity, it meant something. It was a communication that...

Posted by allureisbeautiful @ 05/04/2010 11:38 AM GMT8
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Posted by My Global World @ 04/28/2015 01:17 PM GMT8
elok simpan jer .........
assalam.....ade jugak sesetgh org dlm dunia ni tak kira la dr dulu ke, skrg ke, pendam jer dlm hati apa yg berlaku tu.. mcm2 la yg dirahsiakan tu.. dr sekecik2 mata semut smpai la sebesar2 planet pluto smua ada... smua yg btul, smua yg salah yg dia buat dan dia ingt sepjg hayat tu.. sgala mcm yg...

Posted by 5ruS moFIRE @ 04/17/2015 06:29 AM GMT8
welcome back!

Posted by Armed Forces @ 04/11/2015 06:13 AM GMT8
Pemilihan Tentera Laut, Darat & Udara
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Posted by ikanmelayu @ 04/10/2015 12:00 PM GMT7
Yup... that's what I'm doing

Posted by zaidi2 @ 03/07/2015 07:26 PM GMT8


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