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Posted by AHEMAHEM @ 09/14/2006 07:10 PM GMT0
Wots goin' on?
Life has been such a mess this month....expecting some relief by the sept. end...Hopefully!About d blog...believe it or not...i've been goin so damn crazy that i have one on tblog n blogger too... with no damn posts!!....n den i keep coming bak to dis one!ARHHGG!!! WANNA BANG MY...

Posted by mooodi's Blog @ 04/17/2004 01:01 PM GMT3
Site menu has been updated, new image buttons on the left, everything shuld be working except 4 the download page its being updated. The old DP server has been removed.

Posted by Kuwaitknights @ 01/27/2004 02:31 PM GMT-8

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