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Korea [South]


Posted by Stevie Wonder @ 02/12/2005 01:21 PM GMT8
Hmmm, so I joined Xanga... should I keep updating this page?? go here for my Xanga page: Scheesy

Posted by no twisted nation @ 07/14/2004 06:15 AM GMT9
α ̺꿡 ̰~ -_-;;

Posted by skank power @ 04/26/2004 04:58 PM GMT9
oh me nerves
Oh my oh my oh my....and I'm off. In about 48 hours I will be leaving Korea for Newfoundland. Such strange feelings accompant this move. I am excited about seeing everyone, but I am also a little worried about missing jamesie b'y.  We spend so much time together, and we get along so sickenly...

Posted by full moon fever @ 03/18/2004 08:48 PM GMT9
it's so hard to get sick...
geez! so many things had happened since i last posted here... anyway, i've been sick since yesterday... i have the flu... unfortunately for me, i can't speak korean... my husband can't accompany me to the hospital because of his job... luckily, i got the phone number for a clinic in Seongsu that...

Posted by jeanniemarie @ 01/13/2004 04:30 PM GMT9
a little bored
quote: "measure life not by the number of breaths you take, but rather the moments that take your breath away." entry. well i haven't updated for a while so i guess i'll let you all know how i'm doing. i'm alright i guess. nothing much has been happening going to a baby shower today. my...

Posted by [weLc0m3] @ 08/30/2003 03:57 PM GMT-5
[mood] ok.. [current music] "nan" by ok-ju-hyun
hAveN'T bEen hEre LateLy... i wAs uSinG xAnga fOr a wHiLe....yUp....iT's bEauTifUL.....u haVe tO gO thEre.. i wiSh i kNew hOw tO do ifRamE...i nEed heLp gUys... siGH x-cOunTry iS vEry weLL i'M goNna gO~


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