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Posted by downward spiral @ 09/06/2003 01:05 PM GMT9
Annual Vacation is Here!
Well almost here. On Sunday morning I am going to a surf camp. You can see it here at where for one price I will surf, eat, sleep, and drink beer for a whole week worry free! Beats the hell out of working for the Man(tm).

Posted by T.S.U.R.U.K.I @ 09/02/2003 05:28 AM GMT9
Finished playing ‹@“®íŽmƒKƒ“ƒ_ƒ€‚r‚d‚d‚c. It was fun (^_^)

Posted by Kage no Diary @ 09/02/2003 05:25 AM GMT9
Last night Ai-chan moved in with me again. I'm very happy! I missed Ai-chan. He did not like living alone. Right now, Ai-chan is out, but he will be back soon. Dai and Tsuruki are going to come over today. Maybe Chiru too? We will have fun! I didn't sleep at all last night. I was helping Ai-chan...

Posted by simplyxbonafide @ 08/27/2003 09:01 PM GMT9
missing you.. bac in sucs. haha. i got bac yesterday at 4..then got bac onbase at 730. i wus knocked out on the bus. jetlags a bitch. newaisee..on my las morning brother woke me up at like 600 cuz my baby wus on the fone to wake me up. hehe..thenn..i got ready n at 63o my babe showed...


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