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Posted by Meimi's Blog @ 06/03/2004 04:49 AM GMT9
*giggles* hewwo, nice to meet thee. i have 2 minutes, so yeah. i'm 15 now! *waves arms pointlessly in the air* DO YOU SEE ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? ??? no, nothing why?!?!?! *ish talking to herself* DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!!

Posted by Silveradical RP @ 03/15/2004 10:20 PM GMT8
I really must comment on our layout. The image host is VillagePhotos, and they recently (ok, maybe not so recently) decided to make users pay for outside hosting. So why the heck can I see the borders?? CONCLUSION : VP is mad.

Posted by Insert Name Here @ 03/08/2004 11:33 PM GMT9
Adventure in Korea - Part 1: My plane got struck by friggin lightning!!!
Well, I've arrived in Korea, but not after taking the scenic route. Okay, the truth is, I didn't get struck by lightning (but it sure sounds exciting doesn't it?). What actually happened is that while we were making our descent to Incheon Airport, there was a static discharge or something from...

Posted by Kaoru @ 03/04/2004 09:59 PM GMT-5
*Sighs* This will be quick. I am really tired and ready to go flop down in my bed and go to sleep. Plus my friends b-day party is tomorrow.. *Sighs* Might die tomorrow Will be fun though. Anyways found a place to take Martial arts!! HOORAY!! Now I can kick ppl's butts for the heck of...

Posted by spilling port @ 02/14/2004 12:21 AM GMT9
wats special on V day?
its 14th febuary call valentine'S eve..n i still sitting down in front of this pc blogging..haha.such a dull life i have right now...fell like changing it...but issit the right time@moment for me to do that? issit worth to do that? or will it add more problems if i do that? hmm..why am i...

Posted by Tried_So_Hard @ 02/04/2004 12:00 AM GMT-6
What happens when i want to die?

Posted by static blue @ 01/21/2004 12:29 AM GMT9
entah mengapa, cukup susah untuk aku menulis di blog ini. mengapa? setelah aku fikir-fikirkan, ada beberapa faktor yang menyebabkan blog ini tidak aktif. di antara faktor-faktor itu ialah : 1-aku memiliki limited internet access. buat masa ini, nak internet kena ke cybercafe. leceh. kat...

Posted by 30 hari mencari ~ @ 01/14/2004 10:06 AM GMT9
the 2nd day
bos aku takde le arini..boring nya tade keje..ngantuk pulak tu.sejuk lg.sakit pewut lg.mmmmmmmrasa nak balik tido je.kol 10 lambat agi.arini aku ingat nak melepak kat finance je la.cari keje kat sana.ngeh ngeh.

Posted by Madonga's Blog @ 01/13/2004 02:06 PM GMT9
Circuito Rules!!

Posted by West City @ 12/30/2003 09:05 PM GMT-5
I got a Japanese Dragonball GT DVD!! *crowd cheers* And a DVD player for my room! *crowd cheers again* I finally understand why people say Funi DBZ sucks.. they're right you know. I got a KEYBOARD (the kind you play) too! Ok, enough rambling.


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