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Posted by ReasonWhy|goldra @ 09/11/2005 01:11 PM GMT9
Treasure of Goldra
* Since composure will be lost if a treasure is obtained, Goldra digs a hole in a hurry and hides a treasure into a hole. It seems to be a dog completely. Surely, it is visible to a dog as seen. But it is a "dragon" in practice. If you wish, Goldra will appear immediately near you and will...

Posted by This is me @ 08/25/2005 01:37 PM GMT7
19 days left
Huuuummm.... damn.. i'm still feelin sooo nervous.. i'm in the same warnet again, waiting till 2 o'clock... i'm goin to fetch my sister.. btw, wut makes me feelin so nervous, cause i drove the car alone to blok m. Usually, i drive the car to TMII or PIM or Cinere, but today was different, it's...

Posted by o0-3L-3L-eE-eSh @ 03/12/2005 06:04 AM GMT9
kalau lah suara aku mcm ja rule... dan kalau lah badan aku mcm vin dissel... atau kalau lah ja rule bersuara macam aku... dan kalau lah vin dissel berbadan macam aku... hmm.. citer "kalau" sampai kiamat pn tak habis..

Posted by babblesbabbles @ 01/23/2005 07:03 PM GMT9
hmmm finally, i think that i should write something about everything and anything. just wanna write bout stuff so that i wont loose the ability to express myself through writings

Posted by AREA11 @ 11/30/2004 06:12 PM GMT9
    あの頃は楽しかったね 今はこんなふうになってしまっ スけど 私は今でもあなたが大好きです 私が素直だったら今も二人笑っ トたでしょうか   私もそろそろ前を向かないとな ないね。 あなたはもう、とうに夢から覚 ゚て現実を歩いているのだから。     でも ...

Posted by Snapout Diary @ 07/10/2004 11:56 PM GMT9
Let me see.
I am learning Rapid Speed Reading. There are many training oppotunities in the world, for example, photo reading. I just bought the photo reading training kit. But such kind of self training is difficult to be completed. Usualy joining such actual shool trainng does works better. Right now I am in...

Posted by Acid Jornal @ 06/08/2004 02:01 AM GMT9
ok.....falta pokim......
uma hora sai...num sei quando, mas sai.... Wait...

Posted by Meimi's Blog @ 06/03/2004 04:49 AM GMT9
*giggles* hewwo, nice to meet thee. i have 2 minutes, so yeah. i'm 15 now! *waves arms pointlessly in the air* DO YOU SEE ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? ??? no, nothing why?!?!?! *ish talking to herself* DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!!

Posted by Silveradical RP @ 03/15/2004 10:20 PM GMT8
I really must comment on our layout. The image host is VillagePhotos, and they recently (ok, maybe not so recently) decided to make users pay for outside hosting. So why the heck can I see the borders?? CONCLUSION : VP is mad.

Posted by Insert Name Here @ 03/08/2004 11:33 PM GMT9
Adventure in Korea - Part 1: My plane got struck by friggin lightning!!!
Well, I've arrived in Korea, but not after taking the scenic route. Okay, the truth is, I didn't get struck by lightning (but it sure sounds exciting doesn't it?). What actually happened is that while we were making our descent to Incheon Airport, there was a static discharge or something from...


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