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Posted by milbertlamarre @ 03/19/2014 09:05 PM GMT-8
Places to visit in Jakarta, Indonesia | Westhill Consulting, Travel and Tours!
Looking for places to visit in Jakarta Indonesia?   There is no doubt that Jakarta is the heart and soul of Indonesia and one of the most exciting places to visit in Southeast Asia to enjoy an electrifying nightlife and shopping experience. Whether you are visiting Jakarta on a stop-over...

Posted by Profane_Trumpery @ 05/03/2006 10:08 AM GMT-8
Villains vs. Antagonists
Villains: Darth Vader-Star WarsLord Voldemort- Harry PotterTony MaconteThe JokerCount DraculaThe Queen -Snow WhiteDr. DoomMagnetoNarakuCount Rugen +Prince HumperdinkSauron Antagonists:Jack Torrenze -The ShiningJawsHAL 9000

Posted by Tiago Menezes @ 12/29/2005 07:55 PM GMT0
Visitem! nezes

Posted by nessagrrrrl @ 06/11/2005 05:06 AM GMT0
this is how it's done...<--- says the boy
i was sitting in my office wondering why i'm still working for the same company and doing the same job everyday. i guess that after a while you get bored of it all huh. but according to a speaker at convocation yesterday i still have a good fifty years before i retire. that's a scary thought....

Posted by dotnetraj @ 04/15/2005 01:45 PM GMT0
Moving to new blog...
Hi,I'll be moving to my new blogspace at awat Thanks a million Paschal , for providing me my new web space

Posted by stevenkleinswife @ 02/15/2005 07:58 PM GMT-8
hm busyness
::mood::happy for a change ::music::globes & maps-soco friday-hung out at nicoles....had some dominoes with the crew....crackwhore.crackpipe.c okeslut.timmy.danny.mikey nitz....watched jackass.....left around 10.30 cause im a looser and went to 12-8 saturday then off to...

Posted by Ireland Stuff @ 10/26/2004 06:19 PM GMT-8
Give Humanity a Chance
Bush or Kerry?If you are still in doubt, then we should all fear for the world, for our futures, for our children, for our sanity.If we continue to mistreat other cultures and peoples in the name of fighting terrorism with 'shock and awe' and such policies and tactics, then I wonder what is to...

Posted by IrishJoe @ 10/26/2004 06:10 PM GMT-8
Pretence Reigns
Pretence Reigns.Truth is under pressure.Media manipulation is a monster.Thank you George Bush.Thanks for nothin'.

Posted by Bi-thoughts @ 08/05/2004 03:01 PM GMT-4
A gurls thought
Its strange sometimes how close friends seem to be the best thing in the whole world. Like ya can never have to many friends in my opinion. Better to know people then not know anyone. I started thinkin about this cause i went with a friend of mine the other day and we had a great time. We were just...

Posted by DublinRocks! @ 04/21/2004 08:36 PM GMT0
grr he's so sexy!
I really like him! About the third day, I walked out of my room, his little brother, his mum and himself were standing at my door. I was like OHMYGOD. I just went ciao and that was it. We went in his car, HE IS SUCH A GOOD DRIVER. I memorized his licence plate, BK 057 BL! He is so sexy. I went...


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