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Posted by Blue_eyeez @ 11/14/2003 09:47 AM GMT-5
Hey!!! i havent wrote in hurr for along time haha well lets see i am in school right now haha!!! woo i dont want her to see me in a keyboarding will i dont take it its just 2b haha daniel hicks is killing some dude on the computer its really funni anyways the car wouldnt start this morning my lucky...

Posted by writer @ 11/04/2003 01:05 AM GMT-8
Animals Cloned for Food? The year was 1988. The photo of the three calves was displayed in newspapers and featured in television news. The calves were clones, created from prize Brangus cattle, and made to be eaten in a new business that, the news reports promised, could forever alter the way...

Posted by kelli @ 10/29/2003 07:56 PM GMT-8

Posted by farbods blog @ 07/23/2003 07:45 PM GMT-8
okay today sucked . i had only 3 hours of sleep . bored out of my mind . sites currently down (changeing hosts) and IM SLEEPYYYY... only 1 good thing im almost done with my new site Basicsoul:badboys 2 layout its gonna be pimp more shit and stuff and yah . thats today lol but i finaly got back to...


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