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Posted by huiminz! @ 03/20/2004 11:57 PM GMT8
all abt drey
yups drey din noe hw to handle the stuffs at,so i decided to join her n doo tiz blogdrive ting.oh well,nth glorious.i wan to slp.i nd slp

Posted by The I. Kingdom @ 03/15/2004 07:10 PM GMT-6
Hola a todos! Despues de tanto tiempo! Aqui esta la letra de una cancion de Dido que me gust mucho. Mary's In India: Danny is lonely Cos Mary's in India now She said she'd call but that was three weeks ago She left all her things well, her books and her letters from...

Posted by Caaaitlin @ 03/11/2004 02:46 PM GMT-6
You spin me right 'round baby, right 'round... like a record baby
Hmm... that just about sums it all up. Me, Jess, and Ellie got flamingo pens yesterday at Walgreens! I didn't go to school today. Halelujah? Tomorrow's Friday! The end <3

Posted by HANNAH ROSE @ 03/08/2004 12:14 PM GMT-8
I'm home!
Hannah came home yesterday! March 7th!

Posted by itzKrissi123 @ 02/02/2004 07:24 PM GMT-5
OMG the superbowl half time was a big WOWWY 4 Janet....i think justin did that on purpose cuz he wanted a lil action but janet it 2 prissy to go 4 that so he decided to do it himself lol "wut is a cow's fav song?.........home on the range" LOL not so funny huh? lol well ne wayz i am so bored i want...

Posted by dadaset @ 01/23/2004 01:59 AM GMT-8
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        ۸ ۱۳۸۲& nbsp; ǐ ʐ   ----------------------------- ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ----          ...

Posted by jaw-breaker @ 01/13/2004 05:35 PM GMT-6
Well..well..well.. nani nani BOO BOO!!

Posted by xxwhybnormalxx @ 01/05/2004 09:09 AM GMT-8
another damn survey
1. Name: Sarah2. Nicknames: Lara3. Nationality: American/Italian4. Feet size: 7 1/25. Do you have a crush: of course6. Age you act: 57. Where Do You Live: California8. Where you want to live: right where I am9. Birthplace: a hospital (in San Antonio, Texas).10. Favorite Salad Dressing: italian,...

Posted by kittenswilldie @ 12/01/2003 09:36 PM GMT-1
Anything i can do to help dear? Uh, yeah, startin with Pologmy for women! If only life worked that way.... i wish that i could go out with all of the people i wanted to with out any of them caring and them still worshping me... the catch is, they dont love anybody else excpet me! My shallow mind....

Posted by Kmmg9 @ 11/16/2003 01:56 AM GMT-5
Dazed and Confused :-/
Mood: Confused Song: They're coming to take me Away Okay..First of all, I'd like to say Florida State pulled though and we won the game today :-) Besides the fact that I really don't remember the game, I am like out of my element reccenltly. We changed our room around..and I like it, but I...


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