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Posted by Civil Defense @ 11/05/2010 08:30 AM GMT-6
Why Democrats Want Inflation
  THE RUSH TO INFLATION     There may actually be a reason the Democratic Party has begun steps to plunge us into inflation. Back in the 1930's when this 10 minute film was made, inflation was hailed in films like this as a victory against the depression by FDR. No, I'm not...

Posted by Above Average Joe @ 11/03/2010 07:24 PM GMT-5
Nov 3rd 2010 LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Angie's Job Hunt @ 11/03/2010 04:04 PM GMT0
Decisions, decisions
So after a few stressful weeks of trawling through job ads and preparing for interviews, I managed to secure two job offers.This was so exciting! Two companies actually want to employ me and think I'm good at this! I was so happy, but also confused; both were offering the same pay and fairly...

Posted by vannes @ 10/23/2010 03:34 AM GMT-8
Face book restrictive friends policy
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Posted by midnightAngel @ 10/20/2010 06:21 PM GMT7
this is me... v=JfEwf05HvNs

Posted by breakthesterotype @ 10/17/2010 08:37 PM GMT-5
We All Have Limits
Hey Gang, It has been QUITE sometime since I have been here. To be honest I completely forgot about it, due to the fact that I have been stung by the busy bee....Haha Get it? a joke hah....Any who let me give you a run down of what has been going on : ~ I have been hurt ~ Found a new...

Posted by Push the Limits @ 10/14/2010 08:44 PM GMT7
Confessions of an Off-beat Singer
I just got home 'cause we celebrated our blockmates' birthdays. The fact that we celebrated doesn't necessarily mean that we were all ecstatic. I think I just had the two most rough days in my college life; and they happened one after the other. I'm feeling so weird. I'm currently under the...

Posted by anNi @ 10/14/2010 10:48 AM GMT3
another test :P
bismillahirrahman ni rahim, may ALLAH bless us all. i'm only a normal person. as human being sometimes i do makes mistakes. working with my parents such a very good memory i ever heard. to built the company from the start till now is not as easy as what we predict it should be. but...

Posted by Pond Declassified @ 10/10/2010 08:56 AM GMT-6
When Reds Loved Stalin
There are many Big Lies about Communists - one of the biggest is the claim they were "premature anti- fascists". The Hitler-Stalin pact When Hitler and Stalin signed a peace agreement and secretly decided to carve up Poland, their newspapers urged nations around the world to disarm and support...

Posted by Santa Cruz Sucks @ 10/10/2010 07:25 AM GMT-8
Why does it suck
Well firstly because of the Ass*'s in the government around us. They don't know and yet they believe they do, we have the Mayor lying about things and saying something does not happen or saying that such a group is respected, but they are not? What is the deal? Police department is Corrupt...


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