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FAQs : Getting Started : Basics

After signing up what should do next?

The whole sign up and entry creation process is very easy and self explanatory. Here are some basics outlined:
After initial sign up and/or log-in you will be faced with your main admin account page. You will see the words "welcome" then "your name" and a log out link near the top of the page. On the right will be a list of your blog/blogs. If you have just signed up this will show the blog links of your first blog.

Your Blog Name:
This is the name of your blog. Clicking on it will take you to your blog admin page. There you can change templates, make entries and configure your blog.

New Entry:
This is a quick link right to your entry area.

Add / Remove Authors
This is a quick link to your author admin area. There you can add or remove authors and set permission levels.

Delete Blog
Clicking this will bring up a prompt asking If you are sure you want to delete this blog. This does not delete your account, or any other blog you may have. You can still create another blog.

On the left side of the main admin page are some account links. Your Account settings "not blog settings", Create a new blog "not create a new entry" and Submit a trouble ticket for contacting Support.

If you should create a new blog page from here, you will be able to choose a new name and url. After creating a new blog, a set of new blog links will appear on the right hand side of your main admin page along with any other blogs you have created. So every time you sign in, you will see a set of links for each blog you have created.
Click on any of your blog names to begin editing your page or creating entries.


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