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Why was my Nick Declined?

After you've made a Nick request, your Nick and Blog are reviewed by a Blogdrive Staff member or volunteer. This may take a few hours or a few days. Once approved, the word "assigned" will appear next to your Nick in the account settings area. If your Nick is declined, the word "Declined" will appear in the same area.

The Blogdrive Main Tag board is an all ages Tag board, and is read and used by young posters. It is important that all who post there obey the Blogdrive Tag Board Rules; which basically says: Be nice.
In the past we've had many people who don't understand this concept attempting to break these rules. We have also had many people and Bots Spamming this Tag Board. It's important that we approve all users before allowing them to post. We use a criteria that seems to have functioned quite well, as you may have noticed.

Here are some of the things (Nick and Blog) we look for that often lead to a Nick being declined:

Exssesive use of sTiCkY cApS and swearing.

Non Intellegent gibberish and anger.

Avertising popups and spam-like material.

Members who haven't made any entries to their Blog.

Blogs that have no sign of English being used.

Nicks that look something like the following are often declined:

~::.iM sO c00l.::~

My Taggy

My TagBoard!

~My Nic!


If your Nick is declined you may try to make a request again in two weeks. Remember, you can still post on other tagboards at Blogdrive, including your own.


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