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How do I change what my Comment links display?

At your Blog administration area, click on "Blog Configuration" from the left side menu. About midway down the list of adjustable settings look for "Comment Text". There are two editable fields. The first one contains the words "Make a comment" the other "Comments (%d)". This is what will be displayed below each entry for comment links. %d represents the number of comments made to your entry.

Before a comment has been made the link will display "Make a comment". After a visitor has left a comment it will display comments (1) or (2) or however many comments have been made. You can change these to read a variety of statements.

For instance, if you placed this in the fields:

Leave a Message
(%d) Messages

it would render

Leave a Message
(2) Messages

We also added the ability to pluralize "more than one" entries to your comments. (and took it a step further)
You can use special triggers in the second field to return an intellegent term based on the number of comments made.


Using %s:
(%d) Friend%s made a comment entered in your second comments field would render:

1 Friend posted
5 Friends posted

Using %es:
(%d) Witch%es entered in your second comments field would render:

1 Witch posted
and the plural
5 Witches posted

To take it a step further:

%d Bab%y%es entered in your second comments field would render:

1 Baby posted
5 Babies posted

But wait, there's more!

Add %t to the number like so:

%d%t Visitor to comment

To produce this:

1st Visitor to comment
2nd Visitor to comment
3rd Visitor to comment
4th Visitor to comment


%d%t Comment

To produce this:

1st Comment
2nd Comment
3rd Comment
4th Comment
and so on…

Now check this out:

It slices. It dices, and for no added cost you can list future events.

%+d and %+t will display the count of the next comment.

Be the %+d%+t to comment

would become:
Be the 1st to comment
Be the 2nd to comment
Be the 3rd to comment
Be the 4th to comment
Be the 5th to comment

Pretty cool huh?


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