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How do I add pictures/images to my blog.

When using the wysiwyg editor place your cursor in the entry area where you would like your image to appear, then click the insert image icon. Type the url to the image in the provided pop-up field.
For example:
Then click the insert image button.

When using the lo-fi editor (plain text with HTML),
which can be selected from the blog configuration page, place your cursor in the text entry area where you want the image to appear, then click the insert image icon and also type the image path into the provided pop-up field.
The code will be generated automatically into the page.
Please note:
If adding an image in your header/profile/side sections, use the same methods as you would for lo-fi editing.

If you would like to add an image that you have on your hard drive, you will need to upload it somewhere on the web first.
1.) You MUST have the picture in a digital form such as a .jpg or .gif file.
2.) You MUST have the picture uploaded to a web server that allows the linking of pictures. Most free web servers do NOT allow image linking, this includes sites like angelfire and geocities.
3.) After uploading an image to the web, copy the address to the image and follow the instructions above for adding it to your page.

Most companies charge for hosting images, as this costs them money in bandwidth. Blogdrive does not endorse or recommend specific companies for this purpose.


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