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Posted by My Imaginary @ 11/12/2003 04:22 PM GMT-5
Embarassment Nature!
OMG, Today at school, we had an assembly for like the 1st nine weeks awards.And well, heh, I had to accept two awards, Good For me!I got an award in band and for "A" Honor Roll!I found it quite embarassing!Hannah got an award for "AB" Honor Roll! And you all know Tanner from some other evtries, he...

Posted by kelli @ 10/29/2003 07:56 PM GMT-8

Posted by Episode Archive @ 10/21/2003 02:18 PM GMT-6
Episode 7
Episode 7:  . . . Rick returning to the hideout from the store was horrified to find the door wide open, and a woman laying face down on the floor with a hole in her chest.  He wondered were the woman he had been helping for the last 2 and a half months, had gone.  He meet her at the...

Posted by Bath of tears @ 10/19/2003 01:08 AM GMT-5
mmkaiii i made a pretty header even though its pretty ugly im gonna make a new one soon after i re download psp but i whipped that one up in ultimate paint in like 5 seconds flat ill workon the layout soon if i can figure it out peace

Posted by Fused Glass @ 10/16/2003 10:21 PM GMT-5
Hey, I'm very sorry I haven't written in so long but it's not like many people read it anyway so I'm not too worried. In fact, it's quite interesting it is to see who your real friends are in life, and if you really have any. It's funny because so many people say that you lose ur innocence...

Posted by skyevmp @ 10/05/2003 07:39 AM GMT-5
Why is it men cant deal with the fact that u get upset/mad too i hung up on one of my friends because he was yelling over nothing not at me but than he started yelling at me because i wasnt talking the reason i wasnt talking hello because i didnt want to get yelled at and that was wensday so we...

Posted by Ahoy @ 10/04/2003 06:38 PM GMT-8
Bored..     Hey, I went to some farm today...there was a really hott guy ^^, well actually I think he was only in like...6th grade or smthg, but...hey, he'll get older~~ not that I like him or anythin, lol ^___^. He had an ear pierced (that is so totally cool!!~~) never met a...

Posted by Numb @ 09/14/2003 06:40 PM GMT-7
I changed my mind.
Today was quite the morning, i dont know about anything anymore. It's like i change my mind every 5 seconds then not care about what other people think. I should really stop doing that.... So my sunday morning plans were ruined, and it feels like deja vu all over agian. But i am not going to say...

Posted by Angelic Kissez @ 09/09/2003 01:58 PM GMT-5
What a day
Todays a new day and it's just as boring as before. Matthews 2 ex-girlfriends are my worst enemies ever. One is named Wendy and she is really ugly. Everyday I have to pass by her and she just stares at me. Her and Matthew had sex and it was his first. Then his other ex-girlfriends is named Ashley...

Posted by The Puck Stopper @ 09/09/2003 01:08 AM GMT-5
Errrg...the pain, the horrible pain! Okay, so maybe I'm being a little over dramatic. But tonight was my first game as a referee. If you ever coach, DON'T YELL THE THE FREAKIN' REF!!! Refs call what they see and if you don't teach your little midget-sized players to skate AROUND the ref, and just...


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