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Posted by gabby @ 02/17/2004 05:14 PM GMT-5
Just another day in this small town know what really irritates me...what really bursts my bubble...what really just makes me sore?! ways....What makes me so mad is when people judge other people by what they look like or what they hear......GRRR I say!    There is too many people that judge...

Posted by syed salleh @ 02/11/2004 07:48 PM GMT7
i got this joke from a web
heres a joke.Once there was a husband and a wife they wanted to go on a holiday at singapore.since they have different job scedule,the husband will go first and the wife will go on the next day.when the husband arrived in singapored and checked in a hotel,he sent an email to his wife.but he missed...

Posted by angel eyes @ 02/05/2004 06:19 PM GMT8
Happy 40 AB
kakatuwa title ng AB week... hehehe.

Posted by Free-2-be @ 02/04/2004 10:13 PM GMT-6
Why the Afro Man?
Afro Man was at Lunkers tonight.  Why? The Issue -- Laziness This gentleman clearly thinks he's got it made.  He sits in his big overstuffed chair, wearing his sunglasses, shaded by his umbrella, with his pink slippers and pina colada in his hand.  He doesn't have the energy to get...

Posted by diary of a freak @ 02/01/2004 11:11 AM GMT1
OMG! THE HIM GIG WAS SO COOL! Me dani and Dan went and we were stood on a little step-platform thing to the right and we were surrounded by middle aged women, it was so bad. They didn't do anything, they just stood there, but me and Dan we giving it hell with the bull horns and moshing, it was...

Posted by X_Tiner_X @ 01/30/2004 07:01 PM GMT-6
hello peoples reading this! well im guessing me n kristina are straight im not sure its just that amanda just callled me and was all like kristina said she was sorry about the other day and all this stuff on how she thought she might lose morgan! well she is crazy if she thinks morgan is going to...

Posted by imalone @ 01/24/2004 11:52 AM GMT-8
are you happy now by michelle branch
No, don't just walk away Pretending everything's ok And you don't care about me And I know there's just no use When all your lies become your truths and I don't care Could you look me in the eye And tell me that you're happy now Would you tell it to my face or have I been erased Are you...

Posted by Bangee @ 01/24/2004 11:27 AM GMT-6
que mas da
Creoq ue aveces estamos tan concentrados en el todo, el vivir , el estar el encajar, el fdarnos a entender pero discrepar, que nos olvidamos de ser, es tan cansado vivir expresando que sientes pero amoldandolo a un esquema de comunicacion que evite los prejuicios para que la informacion llegue...

Posted by VulgarChick777 @ 01/22/2004 01:30 PM GMT11
So today wasn't all that exciting. Elena looked like she was sad or upset about something. I think becuz she doesnt like the fact that everyone has someone but her, but that is so not true cuz there is Bryce and Ace. I think she should hook up with Bryce cuz she wanted to in the beginning of...

Posted by Sammerino's @ 01/16/2004 03:33 PM GMT-5
no longer using
sorry guys..i hope this isnt an inconvienience for anyone but i found somewhere where i have a TON more now i have a new journal on i am pretty sure my new online journal is at the address y414   ok??? its been nice!


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