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Posted by Buccys witticisms @ 08/24/2005 07:46 AM GMT-8
Madden. EA's way of getting cash for nothing.
What a company will do to get some cash.   That is the question one should ponder prior to purchasing Madden 2006. With the next generation consoles at our doorstep, how much effort is EA going to put into this game?   Well the jury is in, and the long awaited verdict is in....

Posted by misha_kulz @ 07/16/2005 07:02 AM GMT5
SuRaT oRaNg YaNg GiLaKk
. .....Surat cinta ini sebenarnya telah dikarang oleh seorang pesakit jiwa (namanya telah dirahsiakan) yang pada ketika itu sedang 'menensionkan' dirinya dengan seadanya di tepi sebuah kolam itik nila.....dia kini telah ditempatkan di sebuah hospital dekat Tanjong Rambutan.....Hayatilah isi...

Posted by lilkidvicious @ 06/11/2005 09:18 PM GMT-5
I didnt know people were leaving nice little comment's for me on this. Telling me to get a life. Well I wasnt the one on some person's journal, whom they never met, leaving little comments like that. Seem's like your the one that need's a life. Anyways. I finally got my permit. I would have my...

Posted by -]CrazY[-WinD @ 05/13/2005 11:50 PM GMT6
Diploma Lvl...
At last my long 2 months holiday is over... now back to serious studies.... this will be my first year degree... should be going oversea for advance next year..... hope will not lost contact with my frenz lor.... haih!!! most of all now muz concentrate in diploma lvl first... then later onli think...

Posted by Days of My Life @ 03/09/2005 03:14 PM GMT8
Changing Of Blogsite
Hihi i have moved my blog to bsp;Feel free to browse at this site...i'll no longer be using this so...seeya at d new blog site^.^

Posted by shadowalker @ 11/11/2004 07:29 PM GMT-5
Hey all, I'm dating again. Sorry I haven't posted in heaven only knows when, but now the girl I am dating is called Amber. She has red hair and beautiful eyes that I can't even describe, and just her overall appearance is breath taking. She has one of the best personalties I have...

Posted by My Life @ 10/18/2004 04:28 PM GMT-5
Day 563: you're messin with my head
What's with THAT title? I dunno. I gotta learn how to be a flirt. I swear. People say I'm pretty....but I don't flirt enuff. Gay Gay Gay. There has got to be another way. Beauty queen of only 16 She had some toruble with her self All this time I was pretending You didn't ruin my happy...

Posted by aHaHa_L0s312 @ 09/27/2004 03:56 PM GMT-8
Okay, so i re-read all my past entries...I sure did feel stupid reading them all again. Not only was it annoying to read becase of all the Us, Ys, and CUZs, but also because of the things that I put down. At certain moments, I felt so hypocritical and one more thing..Why the deuce did I say that I...

Posted by School Hater @ 09/16/2004 09:51 PM GMT-6
Use the talents you possess, for the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except the best...
As I’m sitting here typing this out, 3rd cup of mocha flavored ice Java beside me (mmm… coffee), I can’t get one thing off of my mind… you want to know what it is? I bet you DO. Yes… I KNOW you do. You want to know soooooooo bad, don’t you? You are dying to know… wait * doh*… I said "dying."...

Posted by Rizal_Best @ 08/30/2004 09:44 AM GMT6
Kenduri Kahwin
Minggu lepas gi 2 kenduri kahwin, sumer kawan satu kelas masa form 5...tgk ler..


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