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Posted by jon reckons... @ 12/29/2007 07:23 PM GMT8
moving the mad forest
quickly quickly blog again before the year ends..... i said i'd try to blog more this here goes. Its impossible to really trace my steps back and pick up from where the last blog left off, but here's the first thing that leaps to mind that i wanted to share.... here are some crazy pix...

Posted by im glamorous @ 12/07/2007 05:08 PM GMT8
Blog shift
Hello people, 1. I've decided to leave Blogdrive for good.1.1 Because Blogdrive sucks balls now,1.2 Because I need to start anew. 2. My new space is http://oohstickyou.livejournal .com2.1 Relink me if you actually bother to do so,2.2 Comments are enabled for everybody, so feel free to bombard me...

Posted by The Lair @ 10/12/2007 10:12 PM GMT-6
Y otra vez a alguien le toca elegir entre una vida mejor... y yo.

Posted by what's rocking? @ 08/19/2007 12:49 PM GMT-9
Deus está morto.
O cotidiano possui especificidades que acabam ditando se uma vida é boa ou ruim. Digo, não há euforia que se baste caso todos os dias, no instante em que descer a escada do metrô, ele apite e você dê uma corridinha sem jeito e ele feche a porta e vá embora. Ou todo o dia derrube Nescau...

Posted by incompitant angel @ 02/07/2006 08:16 AM GMT-7
Ok. This new blog that I've created is gonna be like a Dear Abby site. Cept, it's gonna be Dear So, invite your friends, your foes, your family, and your toes....(?) Ask me questions.   Http://blacksheep06.blogdrive .com

Posted by Rock On 808 @ 01/18/2006 10:12 AM GMT-5
I Want You To Want Me
Im here taking exams.  I just finished my last one of the day and my brother cant come and get me...what the fuck...but whatever.....x_x

Posted by Jeff Stolls World @ 11/15/2005 11:57 PM GMT-5
This is Why
The blog entry below this one is one of the reasons why I hardly ever come to blog drive anymore. Nothing ever shows up right plus that stupid code to leave a remark in the chat box.

Posted by Hanz @ 10/24/2005 10:55 AM GMT-8
Hey all
Hi people special hello to my darling Martin! love you baby! xx   Shouts to all my mates and they know who they are! Hanz is out   X

Posted by hi|mi21 @ 10/02/2005 12:14 PM GMT8
hahahaha!! i'mmm backkkk~
its been awhile since i've written in this damned blog.. hmm... i hope those guys who 'harass' my blog is long gone..  so many things has/have been  going on around me.. for instance, i've got my O lvl exmas coming in just a few short weeks.. den got my ITE exams.. the fasting...

Posted by anonymouseerz @ 09/19/2005 06:40 PM GMT8
      ;      ;      ;~~ E R E ~~         ;      ;      ;      ;    ...


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