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Posted by Sanity's Archive @ 01/05/2004 10:04 AM GMT-5
when will this madness ever end?????
if the pounding in my head does'nt stop soon i'm gonna go crazy!!!! i don't think there even is a drug strong enough to kill it before it kills me!!! if there is my doctor is gipping me big time! well...enough started up again today...i did'nt actually go to sleep last...

Posted by life's quirks @ 01/02/2004 05:08 AM GMT-8
New what?
Well , the new year started off with a bang i suppose. I fired my lazy babysitter. I am tired of spending my days off cleaning the house only to come home to a mess because she is too damn lazy to peel her lard butt off the couch to pick up after her mess. Also...because i spank my kids...we are...

Posted by army of cheese @ 12/26/2003 08:01 PM GMT-8
Birthday Rants, and My Celluloid Life
Ok...Well, I need to rant, so feel free to leave anytime! Yesterday was Christmas. We didn't do anything. We had dinner on Christmas Eve. I don't know why. We didn't eat anything fancy for Christmas... Don't know why either. We moved to Las Vegas over the summer, away from Maryland, where I was...

Posted by Staths life @ 12/25/2003 03:32 PM GMT0
Song of the day - Sums up my mind set really......
waiting for today to happen lyrics by lightning seeds - From the Album ever dark The usual dreams, the usual schemes Same lost feelings, same bad day dreams Only unreal and delirious, Out of breath and out of luck [Sometimes] when I wake up slowly [Paralysed] by the fears within...

Posted by Dippy @ 12/17/2003 11:06 AM GMT-5
New journal thingy! tick mreh

Posted by KristinFrans @ 12/15/2003 11:38 AM GMT-8
Wes Borland #2
    Doesn't He Look Yummy In This One Too?

Posted by Ariana @ 12/14/2003 02:59 PM GMT-6
Today its snowin!!*** I am in conn. and i might no be able to come to school tomaro cuz of the snow. I am watchin i know what u did last summer. Its scar<not really Aja went to a memorial service  for her cuz, ronnie. I know who mandie likes and i noe he likes her back!<i am the gossip...

Posted by All about Jason @ 12/12/2003 04:12 AM GMT-5
And then there was Brandon
Well, Jason's dying Janurary 6th.Not in the cool way either, where you know you can't die until then.Nope, he's variably dead. Never to return to the world of the living.Since he's not around anymore, I've moved!My new homecya guys.

Posted by Rust in Peace @ 12/10/2003 07:55 PM GMT-7
im soooo tired
work is cool though. its construction so theres no "customers", so i like it. i dont talk much to the "crew" when at work. i just have nothing worth saying. and i dont really know them. plus i hate small talk. so they think im strange because im quiet. oh well, they dont mind.

Posted by andrea @ 12/10/2003 04:18 PM GMT-5
im sry i havent wrote in this for like a lot bcuz i have blurty so yea nd hehehehe but if ya look me up on it im sexzionion...........ok but yea i dont thuin ppl reallt\y read thids one! but um yea my blurty is a lot more intresting then this one! but yea for u ppl that used to read this me nd...


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