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Posted by Oh Serena! @ 05/15/2004 11:32 AM GMT-8
She knows who she is,...
x Reliance x      I think we need this more than we know.  Something to finally believe in, something to work towards.  Failure.  The one thing that scares us the most is the very reason why we have to make this work.  If we fail we'll once again prove...

Posted by AlienZ @ 05/15/2004 08:48 AM GMT-8
Designing a better society
According to most experts, man is an evolved sentient being capable of intellectual reasoning.  It is true that he is capable of great deeds, yet he is also capable of great atrocities as well.  There are members of our society who would like to see the good in humanity and those who can...

Posted by Zap!MardiGrasMask @ 05/03/2004 11:55 PM GMT2
You've definitely caught the bad-angel's eye. He'svery interested in you and he loves your fieryattitude.. hmm.. maybe something special is instore for you.. Conclusion: You will be raped by pure-evil tonight... You're addicted to..... LSD! Wow what you must go through every day. LSD...

Posted by FeelinButterflies @ 04/26/2004 08:07 PM GMT-8
Long Time No Blog
It's been a while since i've been here blogging my head off! I suppose i got caught up in the holiday hyperness and the back to school blues! My god, so much has happened, i don't think i can even process it! I finally got my Maths and French GCSE 1st modular examination results! Not bad i...

Posted by Half Empty Bottle @ 04/21/2004 12:12 AM GMT-5
-DESCRIBE / TELL— [three words that sum you up]: quiet, observant, simpleminded [jewelry worn daily]: plugs, earring, and navel ring & barbell [wallet]: with white flowers [coffee]: no coffee [shoes]: reefs [cologne/perfume]: lotion [clothing you have on]: yumpop...

Posted by loss..of..hope @ 04/18/2004 05:39 PM GMT11
so it's 1.34am and i am not asleep..i am DEAD tired just not sleeping because i am talking to Justin... i just wanna sleep but i gotta make sure he goes to sleep first...worried about my friends ya'll know how it is...i saw the punisher tonight with robin n was good. i cried...haha i...

Posted by Insense @ 04/07/2004 02:40 PM GMT11
I hate the places that we go
first period jonathn was talking and I don't just the way he always treats me and god everyone was staring like he's one of those abusive friends that always puts you down I couln't take it I wanted to cry basically did......I was letting tears spill out and to everyone else I was just...

Posted by My Ego Blog! :) @ 03/18/2004 03:39 PM GMT-8
Here we go again
Yah kita mulai lagi babak baru dalam dunia unek unek ini... bakal banyak hal yang aku bisa posting disini.. bakal banyak sekali tapi nanti dulu deh sabar dulu...

Posted by Pomplemousse @ 03/12/2004 01:45 PM GMT-6
a boring, technical, purely self interested entry
I got home from work about midnight and had one mission: to make a really cool song on the 4 track using my new sampler. i got the coolest bassline sample from my dads old Buddy Miles record. Its a kind of relaxed funk/groove/soul bass line, simple as hell. then i sampled this drum beat from an...

Posted by convoitisedesang @ 03/10/2004 10:30 PM GMT-5
some quizzes for you.
<img src=" m/P/pacosmotorbike/1056345190_ esClarissa.gif" border="0" alt="HASH(0x8b8af68)">< br>You are CLARISSA EXPLAINS IT ALL.  She is a rad<br>chick with absolutely no fashion sense.  If you<br>are a guy and chose this... you are...


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