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Posted by Online Journal @ 10/12/2004 10:34 PM GMT-5
Holla from PSU!!
SO here I am a PSU, Way to go STATE!!!So up her e I am in the blueband.!!!GO BAND!!!So,I;m really busy with all my classes!MORE LATER!!! Check me out on im! dancertec

Posted by conspiracytheory @ 10/06/2004 10:16 PM GMT0
you can pontificate from here...................

Posted by aHaHa_L0s312 @ 09/27/2004 03:56 PM GMT-8
Okay, so i re-read all my past entries...I sure did feel stupid reading them all again. Not only was it annoying to read becase of all the Us, Ys, and CUZs, but also because of the things that I put down. At certain moments, I felt so hypocritical and one more thing..Why the deuce did I say that I...

Posted by e3Lyn @ 09/18/2004 01:34 AM GMT10
saw him 6 times today at a different place and also at different time...record breakerº

Posted by School Hater @ 09/16/2004 09:51 PM GMT-6
Use the talents you possess, for the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except the best...
As I’m sitting here typing this out, 3rd cup of mocha flavored ice Java beside me (mmm… coffee), I can’t get one thing off of my mind… you want to know what it is? I bet you DO. Yes… I KNOW you do. You want to know soooooooo bad, don’t you? You are dying to know… wait * doh*… I said "dying."...

Posted by My Life Chapters @ 09/08/2004 05:03 PM GMT-8
The beauty of music
Today was the first day of school and I havn't felt this lonely for a long time. Once again all of my friends moved on to highschool and I'm still stuck behind... god. Once again I have Mrs. Robinson stuck in my head, good song. Its good to listen to when I'm pissed, too. I studied Yann Tierson's...

Posted by The Cat Goddess @ 09/06/2004 03:30 PM GMT-8
In Case You Didn't Already KNow.
Hey, this blog is sooo dead. It's all about Xanga. ddess

Posted by I Hate Humanity @ 07/09/2004 02:52 PM GMT-8
brand spankin new
ok, so i was getting bored with my old blog, so i started a new one! nothing really exciting going on in my life today...same ol shit...depression lingers everywhere...cept! tomorrow my boy ty is coming up from deleware to visit me! ive missed him terribly since he left to go home for the...

Posted by WolfShadowJourney @ 06/18/2004 12:23 PM GMT-5
SAT Scores
Sorry I haven't been around... Eh, to much stuff going on. I got my SAT scores today. I got a 1080!! Woot!

Posted by Downfall @ 06/01/2004 11:29 PM GMT-8
In Defense of Utopia
Now I know I definitely haven't been holding up my end of the discussion here, but I've been busier than an accountant in April. Applying for work visas, landing and losing several jobs in a day, and of course drinking loads of Czech beer. But in all of the discussions I get into, either...


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