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Posted by Myrtille @ 07/14/2005 11:40 AM GMT-8
benefit of the doubt ( and we're living without spaces...if you want the original anatomy of it, check my xanga.)
Patron benefitthat pigeontoed aproposmoment of silencebubbling between both buffers,pretending innocent insult.But I can suggestthat it pardons dissonance.To be consonant,I am notprotesting (4) ignorance.No, patronizing doubtis assuredlynot withoutiTs moral...

Posted by Quietly Relevant @ 07/07/2005 07:57 AM GMT-6
the satyr.
everyone has strange dreams, right? that's the point of dreaming, i think, so when you wake up you ask yourself "what the hell was that about?" i've been having strange dreams lately, and most times before this, i don't even remember dreaming. i wonder what's different now. it's been an...

Posted by SpiritsReflection @ 05/01/2005 12:10 AM GMT-8
So I suppose it is just another phase.  To want to recede from everything and totally take a different course in life.  This summer I plan to pack many of my things and give them to my mother.  She can keep them or sell them.  She seems to want to hold onto them, but I do...

Posted by Evil ME @ 02/16/2005 01:45 PM GMT8
so torn up inside whenever i think about itso cold yet so warm... what do i have to do to cut through the glassand capture the elusive treasure that you are.this the enlightenment that i seeknot another sugar-coated words full of liesin the journey of self discovery,what is it that i seek? the...

Posted by Seraph @ 02/05/2005 01:59 PM GMT-8
My entry.
Welcome into the newest passage of psychological rites "The world is a truly strange place. So much life, and Death,. time ever wanning. So many untold stories, and hidden lives, Secret passages, and Unfathomable experiences. It seems to me this new world has lost its hand at adventure,...

Posted by The Faithful Korn @ 11/12/2004 11:37 AM GMT-8
Despise me
And If I could teach the world to be.. I'd teach them all to be something just like me. Frustrated, bitter, depressing. Perfect - As if my wings were like yours But I'm falling down. And if you could hold your tongue long enough.. You'd see that all I am is love, but I don't like me. I...

Posted by Casa da Mãe Vavá @ 11/12/2004 01:38 PM GMT-3
BiXos na Piscina!
Eeee lele... BEM VINDOS à Casa da Mãe Vavá! proibido para menores, a diretoria não se responsabiliza pela integridade física dos transuntes. Rat in a dress! até que enfim, o que todos estavam esperando! A imagem que chocou os aluninhos... hihi!

Posted by The Goals Within @ 10/25/2004 11:44 PM GMT-8
How to be awesome:
1. Make a trans-ocean crossing in a sailboat [Used to be "build my own boat, sail around the world by myself." But... I've changed my mind. An ocean crossing will do]. 2. Go hiking on the Great Wall [again] and sleep in one of the widow towers. 3. Become multilingual. Preferred...

Posted by Online Journal @ 10/12/2004 10:34 PM GMT-5
Holla from PSU!!
SO here I am a PSU, Way to go STATE!!!So up her e I am in the blueband.!!!GO BAND!!!So,I;m really busy with all my classes!MORE LATER!!! Check me out on im! dancertec

Posted by conspiracytheory @ 10/06/2004 10:16 PM GMT0
you can pontificate from here...................


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