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Posted by ...Mary Watch... @ 02/25/2007 01:51 PM GMT-8
School cafeteria baking pan
Baking pan in Texas elementary school draws faithful: Apparently the pan had to be moved to the front yard of a local PTA member, as the school was unable to accomadate the crowds.

Posted by Conspir-annoy-ya @ 01/29/2007 01:31 PM GMT-5
Cat's Eyes
Ever notice how a cat's eyes glint when it kills a mouse, rabbit, or bird? A cat does not do this when it claws at you - if you've made a threatening move, or a move the cat perceives is threatening.  

Posted by bloggy mode @ 11/15/2006 09:53 PM GMT9
Batangas, then School Agad!
This entry would be for everything that has happened for the past three weeks! Hahaha... ***************************** ************ BATANGAS GETAWAY: october 28-31 My Batangas adventure with Rayvin, Pete, Jhoa, Hanz, and Mar was super super F-U-N! This may seem too corny but the truth is, I got...

Posted by yuki-chan @ 04/28/2006 06:56 PM GMT-8
no vale la pena
"Es tan dificil olvidar Cuando con tu mirada me cruzo a diario Tengo mucha pena...los ojos hinchados de llorar, las mejillas rojas a más no poder...y aún escurren lágrimas que parecen ser interminables Una vez más... no soy correspondida... aquel chico me atría hace un tiempo, le tomé cariño...

Posted by Life of Colin Loh @ 02/09/2006 10:08 AM GMT8
It has been ages that i last posted an entry for this blog. So i should blog one here....So it goes like this, long long ago there is this guy named colin, he like a gal and wanted to be with her. After asking the gal some qn, the gal also like him. But Colin nv expect to do such a stupid action,...

Posted by incompitant angel @ 02/07/2006 08:16 AM GMT-7
Ok. This new blog that I've created is gonna be like a Dear Abby site. Cept, it's gonna be Dear So, invite your friends, your foes, your family, and your toes....(?) Ask me questions.   Http://blacksheep06.blogdrive .com

Posted by Barbarian @ 12/08/2005 07:43 PM GMT10
Heh, time to clean out the cobwebs
Hey all Its been eons since I've written an entry in here. God, not since late october I think. Heh, maybe its cause of my last entry that I haven't written anything here. I guess I was trying to distance myself from such an embarrasing outflow of junk. I even toyed with the idea of deleting...

Posted by FiveLizardNinjas @ 11/29/2005 11:59 PM GMT-8
Love snores.
I have a habit of coming here to talk to my blog when Val is sprawled out sound asleep. Right now he's situated diagonally across my bed, completely zonked out and softly snoring. He sometimes reminds me of Miso- Miso will be extremely busy and suddenly completely zonk out.He moved in some of his...

Posted by Lucidity @ 08/21/2005 07:14 AM GMT-8
Dream/Etheric Link Closing
Hey luke -Just wanted to thank you for doing this experiment with me. Although I did not personally get the results I was expecting, our project did kind of put things in perspective for me; I know what I have to focus on now.If I have any "post-linkery" I will be sure to let you know. Be well,...

Posted by unknownterritory @ 07/25/2005 11:25 PM GMT-8
I think often the struggle is between what life is like, and whatever the expectations of what it was supposed to be like. All of the practices and teachings are about acceptance, surrender, being in the moment. Appreciation. Witnes sing the unfolding of life as it really is. Of course that is...


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