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Posted by pee_eye_em_pee @ 09/06/2003 10:43 AM GMT-10
coheed and cambria babz!
seriously...i am soo hooked on them.....haah i got my mercy balls hooked on them...i stoped listening to them for a while....but then started up again.....all i listen to now is       ;      ;    brother bob (bob...

Posted by Logan @ 08/20/2003 10:52 PM GMT-8
Mood= SleepyToday was a borin day. I saw a couple of people, went and got icecream with them. I slept, made some health food recipies. Wanted to make SMOOTHIESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS S, but alas, didnt have supplies. I added a new pepermenty herb to my garden, looks like ill stir up some magic with...

Posted by i_em_god @ 08/16/2003 02:42 PM GMT-5
very ur dad
so0o0o0o i havent updated in a its not like any one reads this anyways... lets see.....nope nothing comes to mind oh getting something here borris....OK i went to the beach with kacie on wed and we covered her brother in sand and made him into a mermaid and then we body surfed/...

Posted by ~firemaniero~ @ 07/31/2003 12:09 AM GMT7
neh senjata saya


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