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Posted by KristinFrans @ 12/15/2003 11:38 AM GMT-8
Wes Borland #2
    Doesn't He Look Yummy In This One Too?

Posted by ct's blog @ 12/12/2003 03:55 PM GMT-8
Derek's Insanity
If you thought what Derek did after Claire broke-up with him was bad, you will think what he did after he saw Claire and her new boyfriend, George or Johann or something like that.  Let's just say he shaved his head, pierced his left ear twice, and got a tatoo of some Celtic something on...

Posted by Unamerican Acts. @ 11/30/2003 06:33 PM GMT-5
Well, we went to um.. some trade place, like a flea market with a lot of rednecks, and latinos. I got a pimpass watch that shoots fire out of it. And i saw a pipe there for you, ian, but i didnt get it.HA HA. Handle that. My brother is a fucking cunt.... and we got a bb gun. He shot it in the...

Posted by cobain @ 10/24/2003 02:46 PM GMT7
systemof adown

Posted by Tampa de Esgoto @ 10/07/2003 09:13 AM GMT-8
simplesmente genial
Aqui vão algumas frases para vos ajudar a ter positiva em Inglês                      -I am looking the thing baddly stopped     ; -Estou a ver a coisa mal...

Posted by paul's blog @ 10/03/2003 03:52 PM GMT-8
I'm Back!
We got back from our tour yesterday. Meredith was waiting at the studio in LA. She drove me to my favorite restaurant, In-n-Out. After that we went and watched Underworld. I was so tired I fell asleep. I woke up to the credits. Best evening ever. I got to spend time with my girlfriend, and no...

Posted by kafyrn @ 09/16/2003 11:29 PM GMT-5
last 5 days or so..
I tried to update sunday but my roadrunner fucked up and it deleted it. ya well last weekend was gay bc carl blew me off twice when he had origionaly sworn (even though i told him not to say it unless he was sure) we would be spending the whole weekend together! Of course...

Posted by BinaryWrangler @ 09/14/2003 06:52 PM GMT-8
Come buy some shares...they're only 49 cents as of 6:54PM on Sunday, September 14, 2003

Posted by i_am_danielle @ 09/09/2003 02:59 PM GMT-5
hoooray for making new friends.

Posted by meaninglessassand @ 09/09/2003 05:51 PM GMT11
Riding in other people’s wake, however it is easier, never leaves ones own. On the contrary one should make ones own, that forever indents the surface.


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