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Posted by iamamongoose @ 11/04/2004 09:24 PM GMT-5
Coming over but it never was enough...
 Due to the fact that my computer isnt allowing me to do anything involving Internet explorer... I have to make this short because I have to send this to someone else and they have to update my blog for me... *sigh* so just to cut to the main points....... *I hate my computer and I wish...

Posted by Götudrósin @ 10/21/2004 12:21 PM GMT-8
réttarfariš enn eina feršina
Žaš er ótrślega aulalega komiš fyrir konum į žessu landi. Žaš veršur ekki hjį žvķ komist aš horfast ķ augu viš žaš eftir fréttir gęrdagsins. Ég er ein af žeim örfįu sem er bśin aš vera aš benda į žetta heillengi, žetta hrošalega réttarkerfi og hvernig aldrei nokkur mašur hefur hlotiš dóm fyrir...

Posted by PRIZE CREW @ 10/14/2004 11:28 PM GMT-8

Posted by conspiracytheory @ 10/06/2004 10:16 PM GMT0
you can pontificate from here...................

Posted by School Hater @ 09/16/2004 09:51 PM GMT-6
Use the talents you possess, for the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except the best...
As I’m sitting here typing this out, 3rd cup of mocha flavored ice Java beside me (mmm… coffee), I can’t get one thing off of my mind… you want to know what it is? I bet you DO. Yes… I KNOW you do. You want to know soooooooo bad, don’t you? You are dying to know… wait * doh*… I said "dying."...

Posted by Rizal_Best @ 08/30/2004 09:44 AM GMT6
Kenduri Kahwin
Minggu lepas gi 2 kenduri kahwin, sumer kawan satu kelas masa form 5...tgk ler..

Posted by Ill catch you @ 07/20/2004 12:59 AM GMT-5
well today..basically yesterday since its 12:55 i went over stefis house at 3:00..and then i hung out at her house for like 2 hours..then we went to the movies with bridget kim & avani...we saw white was funny..i thot it was a cool movie..then after the mall we walked around the...

Posted by susanstrange @ 06/26/2004 05:53 PM GMT-8
(no subject)
today was a goog day i think

Posted by hannahford182 @ 05/31/2004 05:07 PM GMT-5
you're standing there alone and so am i.
who awww it's zakary ann and i with funny faces on! hey hottie... rock that body! whoa. she's not so grungy after all. silly emma closes her eyes too much.  the crew minus a few. plus a couple. whoa make a post card. so prom was a super fun diddly...

Posted by AlienZ @ 05/15/2004 08:48 AM GMT-8
Designing a better society
According to most experts, man is an evolved sentient being capable of intellectual reasoning.  It is true that he is capable of great deeds, yet he is also capable of great atrocities as well.  There are members of our society who would like to see the good in humanity and those who can...


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