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Posted by Fatal Illusion @ 08/29/2004 11:23 PM GMT2
Drink deep my friend, forget your Kaleidovision, for the unforgiven know not what we say
i feel like dying. i really see no point in living anymore. im trying really hard not to get back on crack, but its really hard once youve tasted the freedom. i started school yesterday. everyone keeps looking at me weird. i know why. I looked in the mirror today. I mean really looked though, not...

Posted by scarsNlove @ 08/12/2004 12:55 PM GMT-7
Well here we go
well this is a new one for me. lets see my life is fucked no job no money lost my place grr it could be worse but its hell being here as well living with my b/fs  fam i dont know them that well but thats not the problem its not having any money its not having a job i must go...

Posted by Khara's Grimoire @ 08/08/2004 11:58 AM GMT-5
I Hate this War
Mother, keep Antonio in your hands safe and sound until this dreadful war is over!

Posted by Jap_lurver @ 08/08/2004 11:32 AM GMT6
-> moving..
Hey shifting hse lidat..but jux shifting blog..alot of work aso..cux nd to decorate e new one...blogspot can make more things than i think u guys shld move new add is u can visit me there now..BuByEx..

Posted by A Path of Knowled @ 08/03/2004 01:05 PM GMT-8
Now they can't bitch at me about not knowing!
Finally! A way to keep track of the weather in Puerto Rico!  Each time hurracane season come along, my mom bitches at me because I don't know what the weather is or call because they could be flooded out ... like there is something I could do to help... oh well, now I will be able to keep...

Posted by thedevilschild @ 07/24/2004 02:13 PM GMT-6
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Posted by octobunny @ 06/26/2004 04:03 PM GMT-8
nobody makes me bleed my own blood
Dodgeball yesterday was hilarious. I love ben stiller. I start to go woozy and lightheaded when I think about Ben stiller. And the guy who played Le Fleur? However you spell it. I like him. I just consumed about 2 pounds of fried chicken and I feel SICK. the bad thing about fried chicken is...

Posted by Revolver Files @ 06/17/2004 11:35 PM GMT-8
2 months of a circus ride
hmm.. i guess it would start at the month of May where out of nowhere a dear old friend talked to me. Obviously anyone who ever reads this besides myself would know who SHE is. Well before i completely go off topic. It started out to a little talking then started seeing each other we were friends...

Posted by Phenomenon @ 06/08/2004 11:07 PM GMT-8
WordPerfect? No, words arent perfect at all.
I dont feel much like typing cause Ive been doing a project all Im gonna make this short and bitchy.. Im in one of those self brought on moods.. damn me any ways.1st- gave out YBs2nd- Sarahs monologue kicked fucking ass. Bills was freaking hillarious. Got Occurrence DVD from Jeff. 3rd-...

Posted by fintan @ 06/03/2004 06:53 PM GMT7
I want her! Fark Off Xiao Zhu You Bitch
Argg that Xiao Zhu ..sigh so insensitive towards me. I am already so farking lovesick yet she still insult many percent do u think u can get her. Shes really that bitchy now i know why her relationships are never successful. I like Cin kinda badly and Xiao Zhu thinks i dun stand a...


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