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Posted by a test @ 11/16/2005 02:49 PM GMT-8
Crazy Dishing
At the office we we passed arounds pics of naked Matthews and Johnnys all day long. I guess it is one of those hormonally-charged weeks where all we can seem to think about is sex. We talk about it nonstop. We talk about our fantasies, whether or not we are multiple, confessions of...

Posted by Still @ 09/20/2005 06:56 PM GMT-4
It's now time...
I just found out that my hard work is begining to bear fruit. My web sites, which you can find at the links on the left are now listed on some of the top search engines, such as Dogpile, Webcrawler, MSN, and Metacrawler, amongst others. It will only be a matter of time now, that the buzz word on...

Posted by Avalonian Dreams @ 09/10/2005 01:00 PM GMT-5
And that's that....
Toodles Kids! Posted some tests - so I didn't feel like a total waste!  :p  Off to shower and start another of those endless rounds of social calls that apparently go hand in hand with getting married. Talk soon! Morg

Posted by infinitus opinio @ 08/29/2005 10:41 AM GMT-5
back to school blues
Sit and listen to Uncle Dave BY DAVE BARRY (This classic Dave Barry column was originally published on Aug. 22, 1993.) Summer vacation is almost over, so today Uncle Dave has a special back-to-school ''pep talk'' for you young people, starting with these heartfelt words of encouragement:...

Posted by A Spiral Downfall @ 08/22/2005 12:51 PM GMT-5
god i love moonspell. god i love the way i used to right so much more. why should i even bother writing, i know how i feel... most of the time. and i know what i do. when its happening. sometimes i dont remember the next day. but do people really need to read about other...

Posted by A Perfect Murder @ 08/16/2005 09:38 PM GMT10
Tibet: The Dragon Capital of the World
Two photos (or more) have been taken from a plane flying over the Himalayan Mountain range. This wouldn't be news, except the photos featured Dragons. Just your average picture taken from a passanger on board the plane...except the dragon..A handful of news sites have offered the usual...

Posted by *-Alex-* @ 07/22/2005 06:37 PM GMT-5
France in the Summer. it's made me rethink my life.
I'm in France! At Amandine's house! yay! hey i just found the exclamation key !!!!!! awesome!!! !!!!! cool!definetly using a laptop right now for this and it's french, lot of the keys are in different places in stead of asdf-jkl; like they taught u in keyboarding class it's qsdf-jklm i'm in a...

Posted by weirddotcom @ 07/18/2005 11:34 PM GMT0
A Bit Of Reflection
I don't care what anyone says, but you cannot stay friends with your exes!  Before I broke up with my missus, she was always saying that if we did split we would or should stay friends.  I'm all for that, but at the end of the day it doesn't work a fuck!  There's obviously a reason...

Posted by dariush @ 07/11/2005 10:44 PM GMT3.5
 اينجا متاسفانه افتاده توي طرح قراره شهرداري بزرگراه درست كنه وسطش لطفا به آدرس جديد مراجعه فرماييد

Posted by All about Iran @ 07/11/2005 06:53 PM GMT3.5
I change my weblog adress to:


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