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Occult & Paranormal


Posted by No Mundo da Lua @ 03/11/2007 01:43 PM GMT0
  Olá, fugindo a tudo quanto é normal neste blog, venho hoje aqui fazer "publicidade" à minha última criação... http://anachamorro-oriflame.b ... Passem por lá e divulguem...obrigada. Beijinhos e boa semana!!

Posted by trancevolution @ 01/01/2007 12:32 PM GMT8
Thanks blogdrive for the years of blogging service, I guess it's just time to move on. Mates, I've shifted to.......... well I'll tell you :D Happy New Year 2007! ~RoNz~

Posted by Knkz Krazy World @ 05/22/2006 09:32 AM GMT-6
Loosen Up My Buttonz Baby....
I am so happy! Super duper times a thousand billion happy! Life is the happiest bestest ever!!!!!! Why? B/c dis weekend wuz da best weekend of my damn life for real! Ok then that is all sry so short but have creepy teacher stalker dude watching me (lol he sees this) so yeah peace in carnage...

Posted by Moon Faces @ 05/01/2006 01:09 PM GMT0
Olá a todos. Como nem eu nem a Moon Priestess temos tido muito tempo para este nosso blog em conjunto, venho-vos apenas informar que ele vai entrar em Hiatus indeterminadamente, contamos um dia voltar com ele, não sabemos é quando...   Até lá... Beijos Mágicos*  

Posted by Caiti @ 04/06/2006 10:43 PM GMT-7
i ventedit helpedno need for things that should be unsaid to be saidso i deleted

Posted by The M�llenkampf @ 01/18/2006 06:20 AM GMT8
This is me, nothing more
There are times, and they come very often, when i feel i'll never quite make it.It's like i can do something, but i never do it because i don't want to.I never felt confident with myself. who's patethic enough to avoid ordering in the fastfood counter whenever possible? who's patethic enough to...

Posted by savageress79 @ 12/19/2005 06:35 AM GMT6
Maximum Devastation!
Arsenal lost at Highbury! An embarassing 0-2 to Chelsea! So, Chelsea is THE team that's probably gonna raise the trophy at the end of the league, but that doesn't mean Arsenal has to lose pride and allow Chelsea to kick them square in the arse! Ugh! As an ardent fan of Arsenal, I'm utterly...

Posted by uninteresting @ 11/22/2005 05:15 AM GMT12
juz another day..
another borin day.. but has anyone seen d show 'bus life' or somethin? nice show.. ahahah.. only 10 mins lidat but nice.. aihz.. i'm so bored.. it's 1 somethin in d morn n my mom is gona wake me up at 9 somethin.. for hsework.. dat's sad.. know wat's more sad? none of my frens,except li...

Posted by a test @ 11/16/2005 02:49 PM GMT-8
Crazy Dishing
At the office we we passed arounds pics of naked Matthews and Johnnys all day long. I guess it is one of those hormonally-charged weeks where all we can seem to think about is sex. We talk about it nonstop. We talk about our fantasies, whether or not we are multiple, confessions of...

Posted by Still @ 09/20/2005 06:56 PM GMT-4
It's now time...
I just found out that my hard work is begining to bear fruit. My web sites, which you can find at the links on the left are now listed on some of the top search engines, such as Dogpile, Webcrawler, MSN, and Metacrawler, amongst others. It will only be a matter of time now, that the buzz word on...


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