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Posted by Thought-Pot @ 08/30/2009 09:30 PM GMT5
The Cloud Genie!
 It rained the enitre day today and I was overly hyper throughout lol running in and out (into the balcony). Perhaps its something in the air, rainy days, which look gloomy and depressing seem to have the exact opposite effect on people in this particular part of the world. Oh well, there's...

Posted by notassheseems @ 07/22/2009 01:20 PM GMT-6
remember to breathe
He loves me. . . and the weird yet wonderful thing is I love him back. . . But this situation is just horrible because whenever he says that to me. . . My heart starts pounding so hard and fast against my chest. My stomach turns...

Posted by bakitmadaldalako? @ 01/22/2009 08:00 AM GMT7
On Turning 25
I'm not too fond of the age 25. Truth be told, it's my hatest age to turn into. Mostly because, once you get to it, there's really no going back. And I know, I know, there's no going back on any age ever. But there's just this finality to 25 that makes me uneasy. It could be because you're already...

Posted by escortscompanions @ 01/01/2009 07:41 PM GMT-5
5 Caribbean Escorts Incalls & Outcalls
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Posted by ++Kaleidoskop++ @ 10/31/2008 08:50 PM GMT9
Pics attack
Pictures aku amik mase test lens baru.bapak berat lens tu.kena bina badan sket nak pikul sume2 menda2 pun tripod aku tripod kecik.kalo aku amk yang beso tu...senget bahu kot.haha.satu yang aku xpuas ati...skang dah xnampak chic la bawak beg kamera yang besa2.xleh nak berglamer ngan handbag...

Posted by pazaway.clan @ 09/07/2008 09:49 AM GMT-8
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Posted by kat @ 04/13/2008 07:50 AM GMT-8
friends... (kuha lang ule sa net) You are coming back to my life. And I'm slowly assuming the role I once portrayed in your life. I'm becoming your friend again. Your buddy. Your tso, musta na? pal. Your one-of-the-boys girl friend. And I may even be your girl best friend someday. I may even...

Posted by Megiddo @ 03/30/2008 11:40 AM GMT-7

Posted by a sudden rush @ 03/22/2008 12:44 PM GMT-8
AL fin
se fue le verano :Dayer vi junooooooo y no llore aunqe todos lloran yo no :Dtambein comi pankekes   -me acorde de algo tristeen verano subi 4 kilossssssss ;(y tengo qe ir a natacion en algun momentoooooqe lataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab uh

Posted by livingloved @ 12/27/2007 06:10 PM GMT1
Why God Hates Sin 2.
“You know dude, the one thing I hate about all this stuff is that people don’t know what or who to believe anymore.” “When I look at members of the system, I don’t see people at peace with who they are; what I see are ‘moral vacillators’- folks who are unsure of what morals to uphold and are in...


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