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Posted by Kursus Kahwin @ 11/17/2014 03:13 PM GMT6
Salam perkernalan dari kami komuniti kursus perkahwinan 1malaysia PENGENALANKami merupakan komuniti pusat-pusat bertauliah untuk menganjurkan kursus perkahwinan islam yang dilantik oleh pihak jabatan agama islam wilayah persekutuan (JAWI) dengan kerjasama dari JAKIM. DENGAN...

Posted by My Destiny @ 10/24/2014 04:46 PM GMT-6
Can't get worse
You would think after a break up you'd be excited to be single. Being a single parent makes it hard to enjoy your "single" time. Lately I've had no strength to continue. To get out of bed and go to work. I have a son i need to push trough for. We both need a good future and the weight is all on...

Posted by codswallop @ 10/15/2014 08:11 PM GMT-6
It Begins
Everything seems to get congested the moment you become a mother. You never seem to have time for anything, and although some things like, dishes and laundry, seem like they can wait just "one more day", after 3 days the task suddenly becomes daunting. I have also noticed that everything you do...

Posted by Pages of My Heart @ 07/12/2014 10:26 AM GMT7
Bermulanya Sebuah Kisah
Keindahan yang pernah terukir. My Childhood

Posted by Acolyteboi @ 07/14/2013 04:26 AM GMT6
Taking a step back
You’re probably surprised to be getting this from me. I know we have broken up and I just wanted to tell that I appreciate the things you have done for me and would like to thank you. You have given up a lot of who you were and what you wanted to do for the sake of our relationship. I owe you an...

Posted by dmfnh37 @ 05/27/2013 11:14 PM GMT7
family dah bg greenlight..ape yg aku rase ni??xtau le..bcampur baur!baran dah jadi mcm ape jek!adoi laa......

Posted by Ukrainian Brides @ 04/11/2013 01:08 AM GMT-8
Going For Beautiful Ukrainian Brides
For a lot of men, it is but a dream to be with a drop-dead gorgeous wife. They may have crushes on women who are like celebrities in terms of their beauty, but they will probably never have the courage to come up to them, approach them, and ask them out on a date. This is...

Posted by Soon Sengs Corner @ 12/30/2012 04:39 PM GMT6
How M2U Saved My Day!
W ithout a doubt, M2U (Maybank's Online Banking service) is easy to use, and offers a wide range of facilities for their customers. However, I must really say that it also takes that cake when it comes to being handy when one is in a pinch!  And here's a video to qualify that statement;...

Posted by Loving You @ 12/15/2012 10:41 PM GMT8
Jorina's Wedding
Congrats to Jorina and Nick on their wedding!! So happy for her!!Love her gowns and hair. They had a church and banquet wedding. The singer group that they hired was awesome!! Thought it was the CD playing til I turned around and saw them! (they don't sound exactly alike but thought it was a good...

Posted by Andarilho Freak @ 08/12/2012 10:21 AM GMT-3
A copla de assoviar solito
Meu pai me mandou um presente esta noite(Texto de 2 de agosto de 2011) Estava pesquisando o significado de uma palavra, e acabei descobrindo esta música. Estranho que eu achava que conhecia todas músicas do Luiz Carlos Borges. Mas esta caiu do céu. E é antiga, mas parece que de repente ela...


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